Council OKs board appointments, replat among other legislation

By Sheryl Roadcap - [email protected]

SIDNEY — Along with numerous other pieces of legislation Monday evening, Sidney City Council approved several board appointees, as well as changes to the city charter and council’s rules, and a replat of land.

City Council adopted the following three ordinances:

• To amend the traffic control map to officially recognize traffic control devices installed for the new Sidney Crossings and Burr Oak (phase I) subdivisions;

• To assess the cost of the removal of litter or junk or weed cutting for outstanding invoices through March 10, 2022. For weed mowing violations, the invoiced amount is the actual cost of the mowing plus $75 for the first weed cutting, $150 for the second cutting and $250 for each cutting thereafter. For junk removal violations, the invoiced amount is the actual cost of the junk removal plus 20%. A total of four properties will be assessed a total of $1,145 for weed cutting, and another 37 properties will be assessed a total of $10,512.80 for junk removal.

• To amend the Sidney City Charter and Council’s Rules, based upon the recommendations of the Sidney City Council Rules and City Charter Ad Hoc Committee.

Law Director Dave Busick reminded council the committee met three times to review the city charter and council’s rules, and of the several items listed, the committee felt three sections merited consideration by local voters. Recommendations for the city charter include added language to three sections of the home rule powers, member restrictions and vacancies.

Busick then quickly went through proposed changes to council’s rules for abstaining from voting, conflict of interest and to clarifying wording in various places to better articulate meaning. He also provided an red-lined copy of the rules, along with ad hoc meeting minutes for members to review.

In other business, City Council was also adopted seven resolutions, and they are:

• To accept the recommendations of the Tax Incentive Review Committee (TIRC)

• To appoint Joyce Reier to the city of Sidney Tree Board. She will replace current member Sarah Anne Sharp who opted to not be reappointed. The three year term will end April 30, 2025.

• To reappoint Ross A. Moore III to the Sidney Tree Board for a three year term to expire April 30, 2025. Moore was appointed Feb. 22, 2016, to fill the remaining unexpired portion of Marcia Osborne’s three-year term on the Tree Board.

• To reappoint David Gross to a new three-year term on the Downtown Design Review Board to expire May 1, 2025.

• To adopt an amended land bank policy. City Manager Andrew Bowsher said, as the Shelby County Land Reutilization Corporation (known as the land bank) continues to transition properties, it was suggested that the current policy be revised to authorize the City Manager to administratively waive unpaid utility fees for Land Bank properties similar to the amended guidelines recently adopted for the REVIVE program. This was briefly discussed during the April 11 meeting, with the consensus of council favoring amending the existing policy. The amended policy permits the city manager to waive all city related utility fees up to $5,000 per structure, with an annual aggregate of $50,000 prior to or after the land bank’s acquisition of legal title to the property.

• To approve the request of CESO, on behalf of Compton Addy, is for the approval of a lot split/replat of one lot to create two new lots. The property is located in the CC, Corridor Commerce zone, on the south side of Michigan Street, west of Vandemark Road. The existing lot 7296 was created by a replat in August 2021.

Lot 7363 is 0.7786 acres and lot 7364 is 4.1266 acres, Community Development Director Barbara Dulworth said. Existing utility, stormwater, and private access easements will remain. No new easements are included with this replat.

As part of the replat, the applicant is requesting a waiver from the lot width to depth ratio, which the Sidney Planning Commission members agreed and recommended council to waive along with approval of the the lot/split replat.

• To authorize payment for a purchase not encumbered prior to invoice date. Renee DuLaney said the City required over-sizing of water lines for the Burr Oak subdivision. This project was started in August 2021 and no funds were encumbered. The city was then invoiced $127,500 in March 2022 for the city’s portion of the over-sizing cost.

Also Monday, City Council discussed the annual liquor permit renewals. The letter from Department of Commerce, Division of Liquor Control, advised the city all of the existing liquor permits for those establishments within the city of Sidney are being required to file renewal application.

A report from the police department indicates there is no known reason to oppose the renewals, said Bowsher. Council observed silence on the issue, which indicates no opposition to the permits being renewed.

At the end of the meeting, Dulworth informed all that a secured grant will help pay for 50% of the new roof for the Ohio Building, which the city has been working to refurbish in order to sell to a private owner.

Parks and Recreation Director Duane Gaier said last weekend was great for the opening day for Sidney Baseball. He also reminded everyone the annual Mayfest soccer tournaments will take place this weekend.

Bowsher shared the following: The city will give away 40 trees in the Sidney Tree Lottery this year; the city’s spring mulch give away will continue for the next two Saturdays ending on May 7; there are six variety of trees available in the city’s annual tree sale which is ongoing now; and congratulated and welcomed the city’s three new police officers to the city of Sidney.

Mayor Mardie Milligan reminded all this year’s Arbor Day celebration will be on Friday, April 29, at 2:30 p.m. at Lehman High School.

By Sheryl Roadcap

[email protected]