Sidney Middle School students sent home

SIDNEY — Sidney Middle School students were sent home Tuesday after a bomb threat was received by district officials.

A One Call went out to parents advising them of the situation as many of them were taking their children to school. Students were diverted to Sidney High School as the middle school was searched.

“I just wanted to reach out and say how proud I was of the entire Middle School Staff, HS Admin, several High school staff members, bus drivers, and central office people on how today was handled,” wrote Sidney City Schools Superintendent Bob Humble to the district’s staff. “This morning (Tuesday) at around 6:30 a.m. a custodian informed us of a note left in restroom that said the middle school was going to be bombed. I was informed shortly after that, and our unbelievable staff sprang into action.

“Police and Sheriff’s office were called. The buses that had kids on them let all kids off at the high school where the MS kids were held in the gym. School messages were sent, and everyone helped as we dealt with the situation. Police canines came into the MS to sweep the building. It took longer that we expected so the decision was made to send home the MS kids,” he continued.

“Everyone’s back packs were searched by SPD and administrators before we sent the students home. Buses took home the students who ride, parents picked up the ones who ride and walkers were released. The entire effort was handled very well, and I couldn’t be prouder of everyone involved.

“This is teacher appreciation week and the appreciation I have for every staff member regardless of position is huge. Please take a moment today to really think about how much of a difference you make in kids’ lives. You are appreciated!” said Humble.

Humble said if the person is identified who wrote and left the note, charges will be filed against the individual.

Middle school students were scheduled to take state mandated tests Tuesday. Humble said the tests will be rescheduled during the testing window.