Spirit EMS record

Spirit Emergency Medical Services weekly log

May 15-22

According to Brian K. Hathaway, Spirit EMS president/CEO, Spirit responded to nine emergency medical dispatches from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office’s 911 dispatch center. That’s one more call than the week prior.

Four of the eight calls were in the Houston EMS district which includes Loramie and Washington Townships including Lockington and excluding Russia. There were four dispatches in the Perry Port Salem district, which includes all of Salem and Perry Townships including the Village of Port Jefferson. There was one mutual-aid request into Logan County for a reported injury accident.

In the Houston district, two of the patients were transported to the hospital. There were two calls in which crews were cancelled before making any patient contact. Russia Fire first responders assisted Spirit on two of the calls last week.

In the Perry Port Salem district, both Spirit EMS and Perry Port Salem were dispatched to five incidents, including the mutual-aid call into Logan County. Spirit EMS responded on all five, while Perry Port Salem Rescue responded to one of the five calls.

Two of the patients were transported from the scene, one refused treatment after an evaluation by EMS personnel; and in one case the EMS unit was disregarded before arrival on scene of a reported structure fire. Spirit EMS didn’t transport anyone from the injury accident in Logan County.

Of the four patients transported, three were taken to Wilson Health and one to Children’s Medical Center in Dayton.

Spirit EMS responded to 100% of its dispatches last week.