Council OKs changes to traffic control map, I&I cost assessments

By Sheryl Roadcap - [email protected]

SIDNEY — Among the various pieces of legislation adopted Monday evening, the Sidney City Council OK’d the amendment of the traffic control map for the new Burr Oak Subdivision, and to assess costs for the city’s I&I program.

The following four ordinances were adopted:

• To amend the traffic control map to prohibit the parking or standing of vehicles on certain streets in Burr Oak Subdivision, phases I and II.

Public Works Director Jon Crusey said the residential streets in Burr Oak were constructed 32-feet-wide. Parking is prohibited on one side of the street to allow adequate access for safety vehicles and snow plows. Hoewisher Road will be a major traffic generator when connected to state Route 29, he noted; therefore, parking is prohibited on both sides of the roadway. Crusey then went into a detailed list explaining the side of the street which parking is prohibited for each of the streets in Burr Oak’s subdivision phase one and two.

• To assess the cost of Inflow and Infiltration (I & I) sanitary building drain inspections for the purpose of reducing I&I of clean water into the city’s sanitary sewer system.

Renee DuLaney, finance officer, said the affected property owners were sent an initial letter providing them one year to have their building drain and building sewer inspected by a professional.

Litigation, she said, was initiated against those property owners who failed to have their building drains and building sewer inspected. If this ordinance is adopted, it would assess the costs of the now-completed inspections as liens encumbering the affected nine properties in the amount of $2,776.54.

• To make supplemental appropriations for the year 2022;

• To authorize the termination of a property tax exemption of the Menards TIF. This TIF was adopted in 2006 for the exemption of real property taxes on certain property, said DuLaney. In lieu of paying real property taxes the city required Menards to make service payments for the public infrastructure. This previous TIF ordinance also authorized City Manager Andrew Bowsher to enter into a compensation agreement with Sidney City School.

The city currently has a fund balance in the Menards TIF of $633,201, DuLaney said. These funds will be used to pay off the remaining debt service on the infrastructure of $231,300. The city will also pay the 2022 school compensation agreement of $15,000, the remaining infrastructure payment to the company of $6,662, as well as professional services of up to $10,000 to close the Menards TIF. This Menards TIF Fund will be closed on Dec. 15, 2022. The remaining debt service monies will be placed into a bond retirement fund and surplus monies will be transferred to the general fund, she said.

Council member Mike Barhorst asked if canceling this TIF presents an issue for any underdeveloped lots near Menards, to which he was told all of the development had been satisfied and there no development infrastructure remained.

City Council was also introduced to an ordinance for the vacation of a portion of the north-south alley at Amos Memorial Public Library.

The Shelby County Libraries petitioned for the vacation of a portion of the north-south alley, north of North Street between Main and Miami Avenues, which the Planning Commission OK’d at its May 16 meeting. The alley right-of-way is located between the Amos library building and the associated library parking facility in the south half of the block between North Street and Lane Street, Community Development Director Barbara Dulworth explained.

This alley right-of-way is an improved (paved) part of the city’s transportation network, Dulworth said. Generally, she said, city staff does not recommend vacating an improved and used portion of the city’s right-of-way. In this case, the primary users of the alley are library patrons. She noted city staff requested the library provide feedback from adjacent property owners to the north-south alley in the north half of the block, as those properties would be affected more than anyone else in the community if the south half of the alley is vacated. All property owners in the north half have provided their consent.

The commission resolved to recommend for the Sidney City Council to approve the right-of-way vacation petition under the following two conditions:

• If City Council approves the right-of-way vacation, the library must put in place temporary barricades at the entrance to the alley at North Street to gauge the effect of the removal of the southern entrance to the alley/drive aisle.

• Include in the vacation ordinance, that if at any point in the future, the library expands their off-street parking to the south, adjacent to North Street, the existing alley/drive entrance is permanently removed and a new drive entrance is constructed directly into the parking facility.

This item will return to the Sidney City Council for further consideration at its June 13 meeting.

In other business, City Council adopted the following three resolutions:

• For a resolution of necessity, the first required step to establish, for a street lighting special assessment for years 2022 and 2023;

• To confirm the reappointment of Mike Toal to the Airport Advisory Board as a corporate representative. The term will expire May 31, 2025.

• To confirm reappointment of Amy Klingler to the Shelby Metropolitan Housing Authority. The term will expire June 10, 2027.

By Sheryl Roadcap

[email protected]