Samaritan Works board attains Gold Award



SIDNEY – The board of directors of Samaritan Works was presented the Gold Award from the Edison State Center for Leadership Development during a special ceremony.

The award is part of the Paul G. Duke Academy for Community Leadership, and was presented at the annual Mosaic Conference at Edison State Community College on May 18.

According to the Academy’s website, the purpose of the award is, “recognizing that outstanding communities are characterized by the quality of life that is supported by individuals committed to service and stewardship in the nonprofit sector – the Center for Leadership Development created this award to recognize nonprofit boards who are doing outstanding work in the region.”

Samaritan Works Board Chairman Tricia Alloway noted there are 26 separate areas which are scrutinized when applying for the award, and Samaritan Works “checked the boxes for 24 of 26.”

“We are extremely proud of our board for its efforts in attaining this rating,” said Alloway. “This shows the level of commitment our all-volunteer board of directors has for our mission and our stewardship of that vision.”

For the award, boards of directors were ranked in such areas as fiscal management, policies and procedures and overall board activity.

Samaritan Works and mental health provider SafeHaven are the only nonprofit service providers in Shelby County to receive a Gold Award in 2022.

Samaritan Works is a faith-based non-profit which provides assistance for those wishing to begin their journey of living a sober lifestyle and continue their recovery from addiction.

Samaritan Works offers people in recovery a way to advance toward a new life in a sober, safe, compassionate and healing, faith-filled community. Residential sober living houses are just the beginning. The program also works with hundreds of people each year who need assistance through referrals, planning, coaching and sometimes, by just being an open, non-judgmental sounding board.

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