County auditor provides levy transparency



SIDNEY — The Shelby County Auditor’s website has added a new feature which will help voters clearly see the effect proposed levies would have on their real estate taxes.

According to Shelby County Auditor Amy Berning, any levies submitted for the November ballot to date have already been loaded onto the system so that voters can see how a levy would specifically affect their own property’s taxes.

“When doing a property search on our website, the first page that comes up is a summary. If you have any new levies proposed for your taxing district, you will see what the impact would be on your own property right at the top of the summary,” said Berning. “Ballot language can be confusing, but we have been able to display for each voter what they can expect if the levy passes.”

She further cautions that voters should find out the whole story if the amount seems large. Sometimes an older levy will be removed or reduced at the same time that a new one begins, softening the blow. This is the case with the proposed Russia School Bond Levy.

“With the limited space I have to describe the levy, I tried to explain Russia’s plan, but the school’s literature will be more thorough,” said Berning.

Only upcoming levies that will increase the voters’ taxes will be displayed. If there is a renewal scheduled to be on the ballot, it will not be featured on the summary page. To see how much you are paying toward each current levy, you can select the “Levy Distribution” tab on the left side of the web page. There you will find a pie chart as well as line items stating exactly how much you are paying toward each levy for the selected parcel.

“After a new levy passes, we will leave it displayed until the next tax bills go out so that taxpayers can reference the information as they review their bills,” said Berning.

Levies that have been certified for the Nov. 8, 2022 ballot include Van Buren Township Fire Levy, Orange Township Current Operating Expense Levy and Russia School District Bond Levy. Recently passed was the Dinsmore Township Ambulance/EMS Levy.