Tree Board discusses tree list, lottery, sale, pruning, hazards, permit, and award

By Charlotte Caldwell - [email protected]

SIDNEY – The Sidney Tree Board discussed the tree lottery, the fall tree sale, the pruning class, the Tree City USA & Growth Award, the Sidney-Cincinnati street tree list, hazardous and dead trees and the Sidney Manufacturing Company tree permit during a meeting on Oct. 21.

The tree lottery received 60 entries and 33 trees will be planted. Daily’s Lawn and Landscaping were awarded the contract for their bid. 57 trees were sold during the fall tree sale, and board members commented that larger trees, like five and seven gallons, sell better. Offering planting instructions with the sold trees was also discussed. Sidney Street Manager/ISA Certified Arborist Brian Green said the supplier of the trees worked with the city to get the cost down so they could break even. Young tree pruning will potentially occur in the spring of 2023.

Green said he is ready to submit the Tree City USA & Growth Award, which is due Dec. 2, and asked for tree board meetings to be moved to the odd months so there are no further issues with the last meeting of the year being held after submittal. Tree City USA requires that boards have six meetings per year. The board agreed with the request and approved the change, so the first tree board meeting of 2023 will be held in January.

The board reviewed the Sidney-Cincinnati street tree list, and board members suggested removing some duplicates and the trees not favorable to Sidney and adding some species to the list.

The board discussed hazardous and dead trees, including one on 1225 Constitution Ave., one on Fair Road across from the old Wagner plant, one on South Street by the senior center, four elk trees by the parking lot on South Street, and two that were mentioned by board member Ann Asher. Green said a tree on 540 Rauth St. has already come down.

The Sidney Manufacturing Company sent in a tree care permit application to remove three locust trees in front of their building so they can plant three Pacific Sunset maple trees. Green approved the application and said they should be planted before November. Board member Joyce Reier asked the city to remind them that they can’t prune.

The next Sidney Tree Board meeting will be held on Dec. 15 at 4 p.m. in the City Council chambers.

By Charlotte Caldwell

[email protected]

Reach the writer at 937-538-4824.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4824.