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Jordan, Wilson

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LIMA — The Fourth Congressional District in Ohio encompasses over 735,000 people. On Nov. 8, one of the two candidates will become a voice for the thousands of people in this district.

Both incumbent Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Urbana) and the U.S. Representative Democratic candidate Tamie Wilson plan to take victory in the section of Northwest Ohio.

Congressman Jordan has represented the Fourth District since 2007. The eight-term incumbent candidate said he wants to continue to fight for the people.

“The attacks that we see on people’s first amendment rights and second amendment rights,” said Jordan. “That is what I want to focus on if the voters in the Fourth District send me back to Congress.”

Jordan will not be running this race unopposed. Wilson is a single mother and small business owner from Delaware, Ohio, who hopes to represent the people in Washington.

“I want to unify our country,” said Wilson. “We all do better when we all do better.”


If re-elected to Congress, Jordan plans to address four main issues while in Congress: securing the border, stable prices, gas, and safe streets. Jordan said he wants to combat the attack on American freedom.

“We went from a secure border to no border,” said Jordan. “Stable prices to record inflation, $2 gas to $5 gas and they have driven up the cost of energy so reversing that. We also went from safe streets to record levels of crime.”

According to FBI statistics, violent crime has risen slightly since 2020, but has fallen much more both nationally and in Ohio over the past three decades.

He hopes to secure the border, address spending and the cost of energy and the safety of the people.

“Those are the things on Americans’ minds,” said Jordan. “All have gotten so bad under the Democratic control of the federal government and so reversing those is the primary focus. The biggest concern I have is how the Democrats have weaponized government, particularly in the Justice Department to go after their political opposition.”

Jordan plans to not only launch investigatations while in Congress but also address the technology industry.

“I am very concerned about what big tech is doing, so we will be working on that as well.”


Wilson joined the race to ‘get things done.’ Her campaign slogan embodies her mission if elected. Wilson said she wants to protect democracy, the people, the foundation and the integrity of this country.

Wilson said protecting women’s rights, reducing violence in the country, working on the economy, cutting taxes and helping make life easier is her plan for the Fourth District. She not only wants to address issues in Washington D.C., but she wants to be available.

“I want to be available for people for them to come to when there is a problem,” added Wilson. “We can create win-win solutions.”

Wilson supports the police and wants to combat the violence in the United States. In addition, she wants to focus on reducing inflation.

“Being a small business owner, no one knows that better than me,” said Wilson. “I am a very financially frugal person. I won my primary election with less than $5,000, so I know how to be resourceful. I think there is a lot of wasteful spending in our government that I would really like to help address.”

Future Hopes

Jordan wants voters to know he will fulfill what he promised.

“I think the job as a member of Congress is what do you tell the voters you were going to do,” added Jordan. “If you get elected, go do what you said, and that is what I plan on doing. It will be to address those four big concerns and to do the investigations that need to be done to hopefully stop the Department of Justice and the weaponization that we see from the Biden Department of Justice.”

Wilson wants to assure voters that she cares.

“I want your vote because I care about you, I care about your family,” said Wilson. “I will get things done for you to make your life better and easier.”

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