Winter Fix program continues

BOTKINS — Apple Farm Service is announcing the continuation of the Winter Fix program. The program offers area customers an opportunity to get ahead on their equipment maintenance with discounts from the dealership.

“The Winter Fix is a way we can say thank you to our customers,” says Corporate Service Manager Tom Myers. “You want your equipment to be ready for the next season, and we want to make your next season as worry free as possible. Having annual repairs and inspections is the best way to accomplish this.”

To say thank you for scheduling ahead, Apple Farm Service is offering a few discounts to those who call in before Dec. 31, 2022. They are offering free pick up and delivery of equipment for the first 30 miles. They are also offering 10% off any parts that need to be installed.

“We get busy during the planting, mowing, and harvest seasons, just like you do,” said Kent Holmes, marketing manager. “Most of us farm, take care of land or a yard, and run the same equipment we sell and service. We understand that you want your equipment fixed as quickly as possible when it’s down in the field. That’s why we’re offering this Winter Fix program. If we can get your equipment repaired and inspected now, during the off season, then there’s a better chance you’ll get through the season without issues. Therefore, this keeps our techs more available during the busy season to help in season repairs.”

Anyone can receive the Winter Fix program. However, everyone must call or stop into any of the stores by Dec. 31, 2022. Repairs can be scheduled anytime during now and all of 2023, but Apple Farm Service must have the name added onto their list before Dec. 31.

The Winter Fix program is open to every type of machine that Apple Farm Service Services: lawn and garden, agricultural, and construction equipment.

Those who want to get their name on list for the Winter Fix program can call any of the five locations: Covington at 937-526-4851, Botkins at 937-693-3848, West College Corner at 765-732-3081, Mechanicsburg at 937-834-2307, and Washington Court House at 740-335-8821. You can also learn more at