Learn the ins and outs of the SPD

By Amantha Garpiel - [email protected]

SIDNEY — The Sidney Police Department is once again hosting a Citizens Police Academy for the community to gain a more in depth knowledge of the inner workings of the Sidney Police Department and what officers do daily to protect the community.

The Citizens Police Academy has been a regular program done by the SPD for close to 10 years now. Applications to join the Citizens Police Academy can be picked up at the Sidney Police Department, 234 W. Court St., Sidney. The deadline to submit applications is Monday, Jan. 23, which is subject to change if there is more interest in the academy as the deadline gets closer.

The Citizens Police Academy is a free 10 week course that meets once a week on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the SPD. The course begins Feb. 22 and runs until April 26. There are numerous topics that will be covered throughout the 10 week course. Topics include: department operations; a facility tour; drug investigations and enforcement; cyber crime, identity theft, fraud and scams; technology used by law enforcement; real life police work experiences; domestic violence procedures; nuances of search and seizure; traffic stops; contemporary policing issues; use of force; police K9s; active shooters; police simulator; and investigations and crime scene management.

Citizens attending the academy can expect to learn about all of these subjects and more, if time permits. They can also expect to experience hands-on practice with certain topics such as investigations and crime scene management. According to Officer Bryce Stewart, in the past Capt. Jerry Tangeman has led participants in an investigation that requires citizens to use the information obtained from the investigation to determine who committed the “crime.”

“It was started by Capt. Tangeman here at the police department and it was a way or it was started in terms to better build that bridge or that gap between the citizens of not only Sidney but those who may work for a company that works in Sidney or those who live in Shelby County. We’ve really opened that up more to that aspect,” said Stewart. “They may visit here or something along those lines so coming into town and knowing more about not only the city of Sidney but the police officers and police department. Every class is instructed by a different officer from here in the Sidney Police Department.”

According to Stewart, each topic is taught by a different officer that was chosen due to specializing in a specific topic or area. Stewart personally instructs the active shooter course because he goes out to various companies and businesses in the area to help train them to prepare for potential active shooter situations. He is also trained on the police simulator and will be able to use the simulator to show citizens in the academy different situations the SPD officers might encounter during a shift in Sidney.

“We usually get around 10 people that do attend the class, or close to that. Would we like more? Absolutely. The more people of Shelby County that are informed of police and what we do and how we operate makes everything around us better. The great part about it is that some of our attendees have put in to be dispatchers, joined our crime stoppers, they’ve helped me on community events. They’re eligible and will have the opportunity to ride with an officer for four hours, they can sign up as much as they want. And also sit in our dispatch and kind of see what dispatchers go through, being that voice on the line for those in need.” said Stewart.


By Amantha Garpiel

[email protected]

The Sidney Daily News conducts a periodic interview to update readers with news from the Sidney Police Department, 234 W. Court St., Sidney.

The Sidney Daily News conducts a periodic interview to update readers with news from the Sidney Police Department, 234 W. Court St., Sidney.