Village to purchase new trucks

By Megan Lewis - For the Sidney Daily News

JACKSON CENTER — New trucks for the village of Jackson Center were discussed during the council meeting Monday night, Jan. 23.

Village Administrator Bruce Metz discussed a resolution which will allow the village to purchase a 2023 Chevrolet Silverado Pick Up truck. They will buy three trucks for the village. The first one will be for the Sewage Department. One month from now, the second truck will be available for the Electric department. The third truck will go to the Parks Department.

The Electric Department and Sewage Department will have white trucks, whereas the Parks Department is getting a red truck. Each truck will cost $62,853 because they will come equipped with a lights package and utility bed. The only thing the village has to do is apply the decals on them. They are expected to last 25-30 years. They are being purchased from Byers Chevrolet in Grove City.

Jesse Fark reviewed the Financial report for November and December. For November, the monthly revenue was 263,000 less than monthly expenditures. Which 14% more than last year. The monthly expenditures for November were $447,000 in total. This is because of the service building loan payment and other debt service payments. The same with the December report. Wayne York said the water, sewer, and electric had three month operating revenue on hand, which is a good thing. After the reports were discussed, they were passed.

The 2023 Council Roster and Committee list was reviewed and updated to reflect the changes made during the Jan. 9 meeting. The changes made at this meeting were that Ed Maxwell was appointed the trustee of the Shelby County Regional Planning Commission. Bruce Metz was made Ad hoc of the Planning Commission. It means he doesn’t get a vote, but has to attend the meetings. Drew Sosby was also added to the Planning Commission as Administrator-In-Training.

-The Cemetery Committee planned to meet to go over the rules and regulations for the new cemetery after the Feb. 23 meeting.

The Service Building is almost ready to go into operations. The inside is being set up with plans of dirt and grass work being made for the springtime. When finished, the building will cost $612,305. The village borrowed $350,000 at the beginning of the project in 2021, and has aggressively been paying it off. As of now, $221,000 is left due on the debt with the last payment expected by 2030.

Metz said the service studies being run on the electric, water, and sewage lines were successful and in good working order.

Metz finished the Policy and Procedure Manual which should be available as soon as Michael A. Burton approves it.

Metz and Sosby attended a Paving Preservation Meeting held by Pavement Technology Inc. so they can better protect the road surfaces against harsh winter conditions.

By Megan Lewis

For the Sidney Daily News