May real estate transfers

SIDNEY – The following are all of the real estate transfers that took place in Shelby County during May. Listed is who sold the property to whom, the street the property is located on, and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Office website


Michael and Carolyn Konst to Kyle Hoel, Christie Ave., $130,000


Michael Behr to Renee Buehler, North Main Street, $98,900

Crop Production Services Inc. to Double Properties, Elm Street, $300,000

BMDH Realty LLC to Egbert Investments LTD, East State Street, $381,719

John and Barbara Frische to Glynwood Management & Development, State Street and West State Street, $100,000

Earl Berning to Micky and Brenda Slone, Hickory Street, $107,000

Jackson Center

Kreg and Lori Huffer to 205 Pike LLC, West Pike Street, $80,000

Port Jefferson

JP Morgan Chase to Seth Middleton, North Lane, $35,200


Philip and Carol Borchers to John Magoto and Jocelyn Monnin, Borchers Street, $137,000


Margaret Schroer to Alexander and Mindy Adams, Letitia Drive, $180,000

Todd and Debby Morey to Michael Ahrens, Walnut Ave., $175,000

Evalee Bray to Bill Beaver, North Wagner Avenue, $70,000

Mark Vonderhuevel to Stephen Berton, Stewart Drive, $82,000

Miguel Topalov to Kathlee Bevans, Westwood Drive, $93,000

Chad and Dawn Deal to Charlie Bodenmiller, Riverbend Boulevard, $79,900

Downey Investments LTD to Daniel and Jamie Bowman, Wagner Avenue and Franklin Avenue, $125,000

Jonathon Phlipot to Ethan and Shelbe Brown, East Parkwood Street, $150,000

Andrew and Amy Fatone to Joseph and Julie Casiano, East Parkwood Street, $239,000

Caven Risk to Nancy and Mark Conatser, Twinbrook Place, $175,000

Anita Crase to Steven and Elizabeth Crosley, East Parkwood Street, $149,500

William Starrett to Hilary Davis, North West Avenue and West Avenue, $92,000

Ruth Spradlin to Donna Deshner, North Buckeye Avenue and Brooklyn Avenue, $32,632

Wayne and Margery Snavely to Gregory Elsass, Leisure Court, $78,000

Nicholas Zimmer to Brian Elsner, Sixth Avenue, $118,000

Deborah Michael Trustee to Frederick and Janice Favors, Elm Street, $36,000

Jess Arnett to Kari Ford, Turner Drive, $144,000

Cheryl Hickman to Emerson Gibbas, Enterprise Avenue, $15,000

Patrick Hanrahan to Dustin Goings, Riverbend Boulevard, $97,000

David Thomas to Harlow Builders Inc., Erie Court, $42,500

Siegbert and Cheryl Fendert to Scott Huffman, Village Green Drive, $186,000

Ronnie Fitchpatrick II to Shon Kemp, Millcreek Road, $65,000

Daniel and Karen Braun to James Lloyd Jr., Gemini Drive, $115,000

ETT Investment to Sanchez McCutchins, Marla Court, $201,000

OPRS Communities to Jonathon Morris, Thomas Drive, $122,000

Schroeder Construction Management to Northwood Village Apartments Sidney LLC, Collins Avenue, $2,150,000

AP Investments LLC to Greg and Kellie Nuss, Hidden Ridge Drive, $64,700

Thomas Walklet to Brad Patterson, Aldrin Drive, $118,500

Thelma Kerber to PDM Real Estate LLC, Chestnut Avenue, $72,000

Joshua and Dianna Albright to Brittany and Travis Piatt, East Lyndhurst Street, $125,000

Lois Fogt to Jeremy Richards and Mary Coleman, Elizabeth Court, $177,500

Robert Helman to S & S Property Investments LLC, Oldham Avenue, Cypress Place, and Third Avenue, $120,000

Lori Hendrickson to William and Debra Schmidt, North Main Avenue, $120,750

Ashley Huelskamp to Douglas and Diane Shannon, Gemini Drive, $144,000

Randy and Linda Kerns to Justin Starliper and Staci Hicks, South Walnut Avenue, $108,500

JP Morgan Chase to T & B Martin Properties LLC, North Wagner Avenue, $35,100

Rich and Jennifer Hale to John and Ann Weiskittel, Burkewood Drive, $229,500

Atool and Amita Patel to Yan and Li Zheng, Tabitha Court, $233,000

Arturo and Kathleen Coraspe to Nicholas and Tiffani Zimmer, Bridlewood Drive, $180,000

Clinton Township

Kay Rickey to Ashley Preston, Riverside Drive, $79,000

Cynthian Township

Jeffrey Droesch, state Route 66, $5,000

Dinsmore Township

Phillip Groves to Amy Belcher, Sidney-Freyburg Road, $253,500

Franklin Township

Ronald and Teresa Wenrick to David Barhorst, West Mason Road, $273,500

Dakoda and Kalee Higley to Thomas Demarcus, State Route 29, $105,000

Dana and Teresa Flesher to Carolyn and Michael Konst, Sidney-Freyburg Road, $269,900

Won Hee Bahng to Nicholas Smiley, Winding Ridge Lane, $225,000

Jackson Township

Collin Homan and Maria Wells to Joshua Campbell, State Route 119, $155,000

Loramie Township

AB Investment Enterprises LTD to Kroy Properties LTD, state Route 48, $93,890

Betty Johnston to Ray Monnin, Fessler Buxton Road, $63,100

McLean Township

Robert and Rodney Bensman to Thomas Baughman, Luthman Road, $65,500

Tyler Geise and Michael and Teresa Eilerman, Mason Road, $139,000

Leslie Gaier to William and Kathleen Maurer, Eilerman Road, $80,000

Orange Township

Andre Phlipot to Lisa Ferguson, County Road 25A, $160,000

Tiffany Long to Tim and Sarah Pierce, Kirkwood Road, $106,000

Jennifer Barhorst to Jerrid Stangel, County Road 25A, $86,000

Jeffrey Balser to Keith Swiss, Kirkwood Road, $45,000

Perry Township

David and Bonnie Knasel, state Route 47, $55,000

JP Morgan Chase to Seth Middleton, North Lane, $35,200

Comer Trucking to Wannemacher Construction Co. Inc., Sharp Road, $24,500

Turtle Creek Township

Donald Ike to Jonathan and Amy Holthaus, Patterson-Haplin Road, $168,693

Washington Township

Sandra Redd to Alex Morrison, Red Feather Road, $76,000

Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman