Shelby County Junior Fair Woodworking

Measuring Up, Junior

Outstanding of the Day: Alex Poeppelman and Ashley Bertke

Honorable Mention: Clay Akers and Saige Hoying

State Fair Qualifiers: Alex Poeppelman & Ashley Bertke

State Fair Alternate: Clay Akers and Saige Hoying

Measuring Up, Senior

Outstanding of the Day: Alex Bertke

Honorable Mention: Maissen Akers

State Fair Qualifiers: Alex Bertke & Massen Akers

Making the Cut, Junior

Outstanding of the Day: Ryan Armstrong

Honorable Mention: Jessica York

State Fair Qualifiers: Ryan Armstrong and Jessica York

State Fair Alternates: Samuel York and Jenna York

Making the Cut, Senior

Outstanding of the Day and State Fair Qualifier: Michael York

Honorable Mention and State Fair Alternate: Maissen Akers

Nailing it Together, Junior

Outstanding of the Day: Grant Albers

Honorable Mention: Evan Poeppelman

State Fair Qualifiers: Grant Albers and Evan Poeppelman

Finishing Up, All Ages

Outstanding of the Day: Nathan Poeppelman

Honorable Mention: Ben Aufderhaar

State Fair Qualifiers: Nathan Poeppelman & Ben Aufderhaar

State Fair Alternate: Hannah Albers

Overall Best of Class Winners:

Measuring Up: Alex Poeppelman

Making the Cut: Ryan Armstrong

Nailing it Together: Grant Albers

Finishing it Up: Nathan Poeppelman