SIDNEY — The following people applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County in July:

William Gibson and Shailyn Hensley, of Sidney; Sarah Bruce, of Anna, and Luke Carrell of Strongsville; Franklin Webb and Billie Elmore, of Sidney; Elizabeth Wells and Alexander Hohlbein, of Sidney; Lynn Ahrns, of Minster, and Paul Simon, of Fort Loramie; Thomas Hughes and Myrtle Carnes, of Sidney; Amanda Draving and Danyel Rosenquist, of Sidney; Adam Goes and Justine Hirn, of Sidney; Erin Stewart and Matthew Henson, of Sidney; Kevin Muhlenkamp and Michelle Sweigart, of Fort Loramie; Andrew Monnin, of Anna, and Brianna Bertke, of New Bremen; Brittny Sheriff and Michael Tennant, of Sidney; Stephen Scott and Tera Clay, of Sidney; Taylor Huffmam and Mitchell Westerheide, of Fort Loramie; Kaitlin DeLoye and Adam York, of Russia; Heather Jackson and Chelsea Huber, of Piqua; Anna Picker and Shawn Wyen, of Sidney; Haleigh Spicer, of Sidney, and Christopher Baker, of Minster; Calvin Sutton and Jennifer Ludwig, of Sidney; Tasha Grimm and Randy Brueggert, of Sidney; Gregory Westfall and Amy Schroeder, of Sidney; Mark Schwarzman and Taylor Huelskamp, of Sidney; Sharon Gibbs and Johnie Sloan, of Sidney; Katie Borchers and Adam Barga, of Russia; Kristen Hoying, of Minster, and Austin Barga, of Versailles; Kristina Burns and Kimberly McComas, of Fort Loramie; Thomas Kirkham and Louise Millhouse, of Navarre, Florida; Bruce Schaffner, of Hope Mills, North Carolina, and Shirley Richmond, of Sidney; Camille Terkey and Hans Tucker, of Sidney; Bradley Weitzel and Rachel Oberly, of Sidney; Tacara Jackson and Robert Roberts Jr., of Piqua; Clorissa Thompson and Kevin Richards, of Sidney; Chelsea Gray and Matthew Wintrow, of Russia; David Butler and Laurie Wilde, of Sidney; Nicholas Meyer, of Minster, and Alysia Dumke, of Sidney; Brendan McBride and Kayla Eilerman, of Sidney; Sara Henman and Tara Fahrnow, of Sidney; Brandon Park and Yerenia Redmon, of Sidney.

The following people filed for divorce in Shelby County in July:

Debora Jones v. James Jones; Raymond Moorman v. Lori Moorman; Heather Dulaney v. Robert Jones; Sarah Smithey v. James Smithey; Thomas Macias v. Kristina Macias; Michelle McCarthy v. Richard McCarthy; Jeremiah Tamplin v. Lesta Tamplin; Rebecca Buchtel v. Ronald Buchtel; Jason Switzer and Nicole Switzer.

The following people filed for dissolution in Shelby County in July:

Erica Brant and Jeffrey Brant; Robert Meyer and Nina Meyer; Olivia Steinke and Bradley Steinke; Nicole Graham and Connor Graham; Aaron Peavley and Corinne Peavley.

Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman