Waste regulations effective Sept. 15

Staff report

SIDNEY — The City of Sidney’s new solid waste regulations will become effective Sept. 15.

Sidney recently adopted new regulations for the placement and storage of solid waste, recycling containers, yard waste and big items for both those on the container system and the low volume bag system.

The new rules dictate containers must be put out for collection no earlier than noon the day prior to pickup, no later than 7 a.m. on pickup day and must be removed by noon on the day following day. Lids on containers must remained closed when out for collection or stored outside to avoid insect and rodent issues.

On non-pickup days, containers must be stored inside a garage if the residence has a two or more car garage. If less than a two car garage exists, and if garage storage is not possible, containers must be stored behind the front house setback and screened from view, or at least 25-feet back from the front house setback without screening. Also, containers left in alleys must remain out of the city right-of-way.

Staff report