Clinton (Co.) set to welcome Trump

Presidential candidate to speak in Wilmington Thursday

By Tom Barr - - and Gary Huffenberger -

To register for up to two tickets to the event (first come, first serve), go to:

WILMINGTON — Rarely, if ever, has a Clinton welcomed a Trump with open arms. But history will be made Thursday when Clinton County rolls out the red Republican carpet for 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump.

The visit was announced and tickets made available to the public Monday evening via Trump’s website. He will speak at a noon rally Thursday at the Roberts Centre; gates open at 9 a.m.

“We’re absolutely thrilled that Mr. Trump is coming to Clinton County,” said Clinton County GOP Chairman Tim Inwood. “This may be Clinton County, but as he showed in the primary, it’s Trump country, as he handily carried the county.”

Ensuring safety

Staff at the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office met Tuesday morning with Secret Service. The local deputies will assist Secret Service in securing the Roberts Centre, said Clinton County Sheriff Ralph Fizer Jr., “to make sure everyone has a pleasant rally with hopefully no incidents.”

Fizer noted this is not the first time a national candidate has held a public rally at Roberts Centre, mentioning Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and sitting Vice President Dick Cheney. In addition, Ohio Gov. John Kasich gave his annual State of the State address at the Roberts Centre in early 2015.

While helping provide security at a presidential campaign rally is a big responsibility, the sheriff also can appreciate the event as an event, saying it is “neat” to have Trump visit Clinton County.

Wilmington Chief of Police Duane Weyand said Tuesday that his department will be engaged in security, too.

Impact on local economy

Clinton County Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Debbie Stamper said it’s difficult to put a dollar figure on the local economic impact of such an event.

“While the majority of attendees will drive in for the day and return home, we are keenly aware of the opportunity it presents to showcase the Roberts Centre,” Stamper said. “You never know how much future business may be cultivated.

“And there will, of course, be spending at our local eateries and gas stations, another positive takeaway.”

In the national spotlight

“This is an exciting opportunity for the people of Wilmington and southwest Ohio to participate in the political process and hear first-hand from a presidential candidate,” said Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, a Republican of Clarksville in Clinton County.

“Ohioans probably know better than anybody the importance of the presidential election and understand just how vital Ohio is to determining the next president. Every person in Ohio holds a great deal of influence over the future direction of our country, which is a privilege that not every state can claim.”

“I encourage men and women in Wilmington to attend the rally and show the entire nation the kind of spirit and enthusiasm that our city shares.”

Clinton County Commissioner Mike Curry said it’s always a good thing when a national candidate visits the community and “sees what we’re about.”

“It’s a good opportunity for our community to be in the spotlight again,” said Curry.

He plans to be at the mid-day Thursday event. Curry declined to say how he feels about Trump as a presidential candidate.

Clinton County Commissioner Patrick Haley said anytime a presidential candidate comes to Clinton County, it puts a spotlight on the local community, “which I think is a good thing for a variety of reasons.”

He said he thinks Trump has run an effective anti-status quo campaign.

“Many people in America feel there is a time for change, back to a more conservative philosophy, and that has broad appeal to the electorate,” said Haley. He is going to attend the rally where he anticipates a massive turnout from the region.

Clinton County Commissioner Kerry Steed has registered for event tickets. He said Trump is a businessman who knows how to turn failure into success — something that Clinton Countians have had to address after devastating job losses in 2008-09.

Trump “exhibits a lot of qualities we need for success in this country,” added Steed.

The abilities to build businesses and serve customers and take the business risk everyday provide motivation to improve, work hard and look toward the future, he said.

First-year Wilmington Mayor John Stanforth said he has been invited to be on the stage at the rally. “That was a shock,” he said.

“Boy, am I glad he’s coming to Clinton County,” said Stanforth, a Republican.

“He is our presidential candidate,” the mayor said, wondering aloud about members of political parties who do not get behind the party candidate after the primary elections.

Two weeks in the making

Inwood told the News Journal that the local Republican organization first heard about a possible local visit by Trump about two weeks ago.

“He’s coming to the national American Legion convention in Cincinnati and we were given a heads up that the campaign was looking for another venue in Southwest Ohio,” Inwood said. “Clinton County was very appealing to them and we got confirmation today (Monday) that he’s coming here.”

Inwood said he hasn’t been told what Trump may be speaking about, but he pointed out that “all his speeches are newsworthy.”

Local reaction from all sides

Within less than 24 hours of posting the story about Trump visiting Wilmington on the News Journal’s Facebook page, the story had reached more than 50,000 people with more than 700 shares. The comments on the page ranged from pro-Trump to not-so-pro-Trump:

“Just printed our tickets!” — Steve Bowman

“Russel Burchett and I will be there! Just got our ticket confirmation!” — Shannon Ross

“I’m sure it will be astonishingly excellent.” (with smiley face) — Tim Miller

“I’ll beat him to his punch line — he’s bringing DHL back.” — Scott Fitzsimmons

“You couldn’t pay me to go see either candidate. lol” — Kelly Ely

“Eeeeewwww …” — Kristie Cleaver

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Presidential candidate to speak in Wilmington Thursday

By Tom Barr

and Gary Huffenberger

To register for up to two tickets to the event (first come, first serve), go to: