Scrap tire day set

SIDNEY — The Sidney-Shelby County Health Department has announced a scrap tire-disposal day, Sept. 10 from 8 a.m. to noon at the Shelby County fairgrounds.

Shelby County residents may dispose of passenger, truck, farm and tractor tires free of charge. Rimmed and unrimmed tires will be accepted but not commercial or industrial tires.

Assisting with the event will be the Shelby County Township Trustees, the Shelby County Engineer’s Office, the city of Sidney and various FFA chapters. It is funded by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

Illegally dumped or improperly stored scrap tires are not only a nuisance, but are also a health concern. Rain water that accumulates in the scrap tires provides an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes that transmit a variety of diseases to people and animals. The most common disease is West Nile Virus. Illegal open burning of scrap tires can create immediate health hazards to persons with breathing problems and the environment.

The health department does not plan to make the tire-disposal day an annual event; therefore, health workers suggest that people buying new tires not keep their old ones. Dealers can properly dispose of scrap tires for a minimal fee.

A list of other places at which to dispose of scrap tires is at For information, call 498-7249.