August real estate transfers

SIDNEY – The following are the rest of the real estate transfers that took place in Shelby County during August. Listed is who sold the property to whom, the street the property is located on, and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Office website


Stephen and Rita Stewart to Otha and Sandra Schumpert, Christie Avenue, $124,500


John and Juliann Barnett to Rachel Freisthler, North Mill Street, $40,150

Monica Wilson to Timothy and Suellen Rogers, West State Street, $40,000

Fort Loramie

Christopher Billing to Bradley Frilling and Tara Winner, Sioux Street, $178,000

Mark and Mary Sharpin to Dustin Schemmel and Jennifer Niekamp, Liberty Way, $171,000

Jackson Center

Village of Jackson Center to Airstream Inc., East Pike Street, Davis Street, and Howard Street (nine properties all together), $175,000

Sandra Short to BBT Investments LLC, East Pike Street (two properties), $15,000

Michael and Diane Supinger to John and Michele Weddle, West Pike Street (four properties), $15,000


Ernest and Susan Vestal to Brian Ritter, Lockport Trail (two properties), $140,000

Port Jefferson

FCS Rentals LLC to Victoria Butterfield, Main Street and Water Street (three properties), $52,000

Paul and Beverly Compton to Gary and Ginger Elsass, South High Street, $20,000


TCFC Investments LTD to Marcella Albers, Arthur Court, $226,000

TDK Investment t0 Rachael and Jeremy Allen, West Parkwood Street (two properties), $130,000

Eileen Wagner to Christopher Barr, East Robinwood Street, $123,500

Billy Price to Hui and Lin Chen, Grove Street (four properties), $90,000

Anne Link trustee to City of Sidney, Wapakoneta Avenue (five properties), $337,250

Cromes Investments LLC to Edwards Investment Properties LLC, South Main Avenue and East South Street (eight properties all together), $425,000

S & S Property to Edana Everett, East Ruth Street, $140,000

Vonda Sharrock to Louis Fahnestock, East North Street, $45,000

Billing Properties LLC to Freund Rentals LLC, East Clay Street, $38,000

Carl Zell to Alain Gomez, West Michigan Street, $110,000

HW Properties LTD to Ian and Laurie Grieve, Westlake Drive, $209,000

Roger and Lesley McKinstry to David Harrell, West Parkwood Street, $147,500

Rosemary Pulfer to David Heintz, Meadow Lane Drive, $120,000

Cory Breth to Matthew and Amanda Holtzclaw, Arrowhead Drive, $126,000

Dale and Sherry Guinther to Zachary and Kaylee Jeffrey, Chestnut Avenue, $114,000

Jessica Elliott to Brice Johnson Sr., North Broadway Avenue, $124,500

Stephenie Yeager to Theresa Klosterman, Leisure Court, $104,900

Benjamin Naseman to Jessica Meiring, Sixth Avenue, $80,000

John Roeland and Tiffany Thornton to Warren Melerine III and Kimberlee Hill, Hoewisher Road, $244,900

Ralph and Carolyn Jung to Rhonda Monsauret and Dean and William Howard, Taft Street, $94,000

Subler Enterprises to Neills Pit Stop LLC, Old Vandemark Road, $100,000

John and Anna Heiland to Sheldon Parker, Highland Avenue (three properties), $109,900

James and Lucille Barhorst to PDM Real Estate LLC, Ann Place, $60,000

Dawnita Lambert to Tammy Pearce, Grant Street, $79,900

Terry and Dian Fisher to Joshua Pellman, Michigan Street, $83,200

Jeffrey and Debbie Wolfe to Prather Services LLC, Wapakoneta Avenue, $150,000

Lorena Smith to Jessica and Brooks Reed, Fair Oaks Drive, $95,500

Warren Melerine III and Kimberlee Hill to Theodore and Elaine Reinhard trustee, Foxcross Drive, $145,500

Edith Starrett to Alan Sanford and Maria Sanford, North Main Avenue, $76,000

Laurie Feltz and Ian Grieve to John Stockstill III and Bonnie Stockstill, Langdon Drive, $130,400

John and Penny Fahnestock to Kenneth and Virginia Swank, East Parkwood Street, $167,000

Shelby County Counseling Center to Tri County Board of Recovery and Mental Health Services, North Vandemark Road, $790,000

Christopher Haplin trustee to Wannemacher Construction Company Inc., North Wagner Avenue (three properties), $7,500

Amanda Wagner to Jeffrey and Debra Woodard, Windsor Parke Drive, $155,000

Clinton Township

Timothy and Linda Rodeheffer to Bob and Elaine Echols, Schenk Road, $233,500

Ronald Corbett trustee to Gary Merricle and Rose Kinnett, Stephens Road, $162,500

Cythian Township

Mary Joann Utz trustee to Jacob Maurer, Cisco Road, $175,000

Dinsmore Township

Triple D and B to Steven and Theresa Heitman, Lochard Road, $235,000

Nicholas Esser to Curtis and Shelly Jones, Wells Road, $187,000

Franklin Township

Scott Herron to David Marks, County Road 25A, $126,500

Steven and Teresa Kruetzman to Max and Alyse Reineke, Sidney-Freyburg Road, $235,000

James and Kay Rickey to Harold and Mary Schmiesing, Sharp Road, $219,900

Green Township

Mary Coverstone to Matthew Sherwood and Emily Sherwood, Leatherwood Creek Road, $129,000

Richard and Martha Gump to Robin and Leo Woods, state Route 589, $88,000

Jackson Township

Benjamin and Tara Gerding to Jeremy Jenkinson and Jacquelyn Jenkinson, state Route 119, $198,900

Loramie Township

Jacquelinn Cathcart to Dalton Boyer, Houston Road, $99,000

Wanda Gambill to Amanda Crump, state Route 66, $135,000

Lisa Gaier to Donald Hecht III, Smith Road, $120,000

Nicholas Demange to Brandon Wilson, Miller Road, $110,000

McLean Township

Jason Schwartz to Ronald and Judith Dress, Thelma Drive (three properties), $155,000

Rosalyn Ernst to Linus and Jane Grieship, Lotus Road, $75,000

Mark Luebke to Jason Kuck, Eilerman Road, $75,100

Paul Strobel and Rhonola Lies to Jason and Paula Schwartz, Lotus Road, $163,000

WJ Karp Inc. to Douglas Westendorf and Barbara Westendorf, Dorothy Drive (four properties), $119,000

Orange Township

Edith Elliott to Barrett Paving Materials Inc., Miami River Road (six properties), $185,000

Jeffery and Jennie Sanford to Jeremy and Sherry Dearth, Knoop-Johnston Road and Deam Road, $25,000

Michael Miller and Mary Shade to Theresa Haynes, River Road, $52,500

Perry Township

Natalie Hollenbacher to David Lashuay, East State Route 29 (three properties), $204,000

Salem Township

David and Robyn Manger to Daniel and Tara Bensman, Lochard Road, $115,000

Ventures Trust to Daniel Fittro and Jenna Ball, Fort Loramie-Swanders Road, $170,000

Charlie Poore to JCB Farms LLC, Peach Street and Maplewood Road, $4,000

Van Buren Township

Anna Berning trustee to Nicholas Berning, Turtle Creek Road, $350,000

Logan and Gretchen Billing to Kevin and Lisa Moeller, Cottonwood Trail, $300,000

Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman