SIDNEY — The following people applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County in August:

Brittany Page and Anthony Cornett, of Sidney; Warren Iiames, of Lima, and Doris Wagner, of Jackson Center; Stacie Seger, of Minster, and Derek McCracken, of Anna; Ashley Hickerson and Jason Clark, of Sidney; Cameron Alexander and Brooke Brown, of Sidney; Dara Wildermuth and Charles Teasley, of Sidney; Kayla Bodenmiller and Rodney Huston, of Sidney; Kortnee Poeppelman and Tregg Barga, of Fort Loramie; Edwin Gearhart and Mary Vidmar, of Sidney; Danielle Saunders and Corey Holthaus, of Sidney; Joshua Usserman, of Sidney, and Heather Hines, of Pleasant Hill; Jada Divens and Robert Schwenger Jr., of Sidney; Kaitlyn Orput and David Walker, of Sidney; LaTrisha Kingseed and Christopher, of Sidney; Stacy Tinnerman and Michael Topp Jr., of Botkins; Angela Webb and Mandeep Kang, of Sidney; Drew Howell and Shannon Howell, of Anna; Megan Wiford and Jonathan Clark, of Cornelius, North Carolina; Heidi Roll and Robert Grumpp, of Sidney; Jessica Stover and Dustin Stover, of Houston; George Harris III and Crystal Hall, of Port Jefferson; Samantha Morris, of Maplewood, and Darke Atchley, of Granbill, Indiana; Kailee Jordan and Nathan Day, of Sidney; Karen Brown and Jason Sanford, of Anna; Cassie Kinell and Cory Shrewsbury, of Sidney; Kyle Epperson and Renee Buehler, of Botkins; Amanda Martin, of Arlington, Virginia, and Matthew Lammers, of New Knoxville; Joseph Denny II and Rachael Price, of Maplewood; Jocelyn Monnin and John Magoto, of Russia; Tammy Fischbach and Jatinder Ghangas, of Sidney; Shelby Blair and Bryan Landis, of Maplewood; Leah Dickess and James McCoy, of Sidney; Amanda Naumann and Ezekiel Fugate, of Sidney; Gregory Long, of Anna, and Kara Noe, of Port Jefferson; Andrew Fogt and LeAnn Hume, of Anna; Skylar Taylor and Nathan Holl, of Sidney; Nathanial Hughes and Alexandra Boseke, of Port Jefferson; Kelly Eley and Nicholas Tucker, of Sidney; Marrissa Koerner and Seth Latimer, of Sidney; Kyle Stienecker and Jenna Hoelscher, of Anna; Courntey Coburn and Brent Burns, of Sidney; Joseph Prince and Kimberly Jones, of Sidney; Benjamin Rains and Mackenzie Counts, of Sidney; Courtney Frantom, of Sidney, and David Diltz, of Dayton; Kenneth Banfield and Amy West, of Sidney.

The following people filed for divorce in Shelby County in August:

Jodi Epps v. Seth Epps; William Epley Jr. v. Terri Epley; Aaron Smith v. Melanie Smith; Amanda Hoskins and James Hoskins; Keesha Cassidy and Dustin Cassidy; Bambi McClure v. David Kaczmarek; Jonathan Asbury v. Brittney Asbury; Kathy Purk v. David Purk.

The following people filed for dissolution in Shelby County in August:

Abdou Bathily and Jewel Bathily; Christy Cockrell and William Cockrell; Bethany Huber and Jerome Huber.

Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman