Auglaize real estate transfers

WAPAKONETA – The real estate transfers listed below have been recorded at the office of Auglaize County Recorder Chris Lambert from Aug. 15 to Sept. 23.


Bradley and Carla Meyer to Rebecca Meyer-Quinter, Lot 6 parkview Acrews Phase 1, $200,000

Michael and Lori Marsee to Daniel and Julie Fausey, Part Lot 5 Mill Property, $99,500

Tred Properties LLC to Diane Davis, Unit 5 Minster Plaza Condominium, $50,000

Clark and Michelle Heckman to Jr Manufacturing Inc., Part lots 115-116 Block E, $259,900

Argus Group to Victoria Meiring, trustee, Lot 42 Baumers Lakeshore Subdivision, $19,000

Virginia and David Moorman to Ryan and Jamie Mummey, Lot 15 Block H West of Canal, $140,000

Lorraine and Kent Paxson to Sara Beckman, Unit12 Bornhorst Condominium, $115,000

New Bremen

Max and Beverly Fledderjohann to Chad and Joy Wells, Lot 9 Eastview Subdivision, $240,000

Randall and Jennifer Bruns to Linscott Properties LLC, Part out lot 6 Schroeders North Addition, $120,000

Matthew and Pamela Slife to Benjamin and Amanda Marshall, Lot 117 and Part 118 Original Plat, $159,900

Kurt and Amy Stublemmer to Daniel and April Overman, Part Lot 13 Original Plat, $142,000

Crown Equipment Corporation to David and Luan Louis, Lot 43 Walnut Street Subdivision, $52,000

Michael and Nancy Henderson to Amber Wehrkamp, Lot 23 Teton Subdivision, $129,700

Gold Medal Properties LLC to Ortin Manafement LLC, S Graveyard Lot Original Plat, $279,000

Crown Controls Corporation to Gerald and Kathleen Pulskamp, Lot 4 Miami Erie Place, $22,500

New Knoxville

Eugene and Ruth Opperman to Gary and Polly Rotunda, Lot 9 and part 10 Hoge Lumber Subdivision OL 66-67, $121,500

Amy Baker by executor to Jenny Allen, Part Lot 6 Robert Kuck Subdivision 1, $7,000

German Township

Nathan and Manda Niekamp to John and Bethany Maltinsky, Part Section 10, $155,500

Jackson Township

William and Nancy Palte to Lorraine Paxson, Lot 1 and Part Lots 2,3,9 Pebble Brook Subdivision, $310,000

Jean and David Thobe to Mark and Abigail Moeller, Part Section 30, $160,000

Pusheta Township

Thaddeus and Sara Mosler to Jeremiah and Ashley Smith, Part Section 19, $210,000

Washington Township

Annette Thompson to Douglas and Emily Henschen, Part Section 29, $249,000

Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman