Alpha Center provides hope for residents

Staff report

Editor’s note: What is the Alpha Community Center? Beginning this month, the Sidney Daily News will profile an aspect of the Alpha Center on the first Monday of each month. Today, learn what the center is all about.

SIDNEY — The Alpha Community Center in Sidney is not just an after school program. It is not just a place for a hot meal for the hungry. It is not just a place for someone in need of help with their rent due to an emergency. It is so much more. The Alpha Community Center is a place for hope in downtown Sidney.

The Alpha Community Center provides many resources to the community. These resources are best described in categories including meal, emergency assistance and kids programming. To help local residents better understand all of the great resources available at the Alpha Community Center and the needs that exist within the Shelby County/Sidney community, the center and the Sidney Daily News will publish a monthly spotlight with current happenings at the Alpha Community Center.

In September, the Alpha Community Center opened its doors to the public to help build awareness of the offerings and the needs of our Shelby County Community. The open house brought both local government officials and business leaders along with some folks who benefit from the services. The Alpha Community Center and its staff members look forward to bringing residents more details about the Alpha Community Center in the monthly highlight article ACC – Helping Our Community.

Staff report