September real estate transfers

SIDNEY – The following are all of the real estate transfers that took place in Shelby County during September. Listed is who sold the property to whom, the street the property is located on, and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Office website


Matthew Harvey to Jennifer Homan, Second Street, $117,500

Richard and Ruth Ihle to Troy Kies, East Walnut Street, $85,100


Shane Schnippel to Joel and Tina Cartwright, East South Street, $82,000

Gary and Mary Blakely to Matthew Hecht, South Main Street, $103,500

Daniel and Kimberly Ott to Christine Lenhart, West State Street, $105,000

Fort Loramie

James and Maria Kinninger to Andrew Maurer, South Main Street, $145,000

Jackson Center

Gary and Debra Hereld to Cheryl Mann, Waterford Court, $245,000

Donald Ware to Beverly Pearson, James Street, $52,500


Randy Phlipot to Matthew and Stacie Shappie, South Liberty Street, $180,000


Joseph and Amanda Morris to Jacob Cooper, Rutledge Street, $77,000

Jody Beemer to Misty Diaz, West Parkwood Street, $154,000

Phillip and Morgan Nickolai to Jacqueline Dues, Alpine Court, $160,000

Christopher Grudich to Harold and Angela Elsass, Kossuth Street, $156,750

Rachel Stir to Valarie Enyart, West Pinehurst Street, $88,000

Dolores Frankenberg to John and Penny Fahnestock, Armstrong Drive, $124,500

Regina Elson to Edward and Charlotte Foster, West Parkwood Street, $28,100

M&W Development to Fountainhead Investments LTD, Cumberland Avenue and Fair Road, $20,000

David Welker to Thomas and Erma Gregory, Cedarbrook Place, $92,000

Anthony Stallard to Ronald and Lisa Grillot, Fair Oaks Drive, $75,000

Preston Meyer to Steven and Ginger Heucker, South Ohio Avenue, $115,000

ETT Investments to Laura Honigford, Springboro Trail, $205,000

Thomas and Beth Raterman to Tony and Elaine Kerns, Arthur Court, $235,000

Thomas and Judith Westerheide to Kristina Klepinger, Cumberland Avenue, $164,000

James Lloyd to Michael and Tammy Knoop, Gemini Drive, $115,000

Teri Kent to Nicole Lewis, Belmont Street, $84,900

Michael and Tammy Knoop to James Lloyd, Taft Street, $88,000

Joyce Simons to Thomas Mitchell, South Ohio Avenue, $52,500

Joyce Snowden Trustee to Spearman Rentals LLC, Garfield Avenue, $100,000

Virginia Beavers to Jennifer Swift, Fair Oaks Drive, $60,000

Miguel Topalov to David Temple, Independence Court, $85,000

Melissa Stombaugh to Kevin Veroneau, Campbell Road, $139,000

E. Bodenmiller to Vestnet Inc., New Street, $53,500

Mike Jackson to Nicollette Wagner, North Ohio Avenue, $79,900

Robert and Elaine Manor to WAW Investments LTD, Wapakoneta Avenue, $70,000

Cynthian Township

Jess McGreevy to Jacob Koverman and Danielle Goubeaux, Newport Road, $117,500

Stephen and Linda Barhorst to Cesar Marruffo, state Route 47, $178,000

Nicole Mader to Mark and Lisa Woehrmyer, state Route 66, $67,000

Franklin Township

Max Schmidt to Logan and Gretchen Billing, Fort Loramie Swanders Road, $95,000

Ronald Whited to Matthew and Kayla Harvey, Meranda Road, $209,900

Carol Savchitz to John Tatum III and Amie Adams, Thompson-Schiff Road, $154,000

Jackson Township

Donald Rexroth to Wilbur Lorton II and Terri Flatter, Montra Road, $40,000

Loramie Township

Douglas and Kelly Stahl to Timothy and Jody Bates, Redmond Road, $270,000

Jason and Staci Eshman to Janeen Wolfe, state Route 66, $86,000

McLean Township

Sonny Garrett to Martin and Audrey Hill, Granville Avenue, $46,500

Philip and Carolyn Eilerman to Brandon and Leslie Johnson, state Route 705, $55,000

Orange Township

Melissa Taylor to Timothy and Shannon Barhorst, River Road, $47,000

Brian and Sonja Nicodemus to Susan Pash, Charm Hill Drive, $160,000

Salem Township

Chad and Vikki Jacobs to Nikole Gilbert, Fiebiger Drive, $152,000

Nicholas Selhorst to Richard and Kelty Inman, Lochard Road, $205,000

Richard and Nancy McLain to Brian Nash, Herring Road, $165,000

James and Brenda Hall to William Ragon, Baker Road, $47,500

Linda McCullough to Garrett Randall, State Route 47, $83,500

Bridget Little to Edward Saunders and Lori Dowden, Lochard Road, $30,000

Turtle Creek Township

Joseph and Mary Deweese to Katrina Dudley, Cisco Road, $186,000

Mark Hand to Dale and Lisa Mceldowney, Fort Loramie-Swanders Road, $284,000

Van Buren Township

Elaine and Tony Kerns to Natalie Cathcart, Lucas Geib Road, $270,000

Verl and Ann Monnin to Rod and Holly Frericks, Luthman Road, $70,000

Michael and Jennifer Hall to Craig and Nicole Hoying, Hardin-Wapakoneta Road, $215,000

Nicole Heitman to Loden LLC, state Route 119, $150,000

Catherine Hoying to Jacob Watercutter, state Route 119, $143,000

Washington Township

Howard Fiebieger to Wesley Younker, Red Feather Road, $79,500

Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman