Botkins budget outlook in ‘good shape’

By Alexandra Newman -

BOTKINS — With just three more meetings this year, the Botkins Village Council is preparing the 2017 budget and reviewing the accomplishments of 2016.

At Tuesday night’s meeting, Botkins Village Administrator Ryan Piche reported they will finish off the year with about a $2,000,000 fund balance, once the Edgewood Street project money is settled around.

The project will be completed with the installation of street lights by Saturday.

Next year they are expected to spend $2.1 million and take in $1.8 million, ending with about $1.7 million.

“Every year I give a number that looks way worse in budget than it turns out in reality. I think that if revenue comes in where we want, and we can keep our projects under budget, like we have, I think we’ll still maintain that $2,000,000 fund balance,” he said.

The money they get from income tax collections is around $700,000 a year. Piche said if you can get around that number then you’re in good shape, and they’ve reached at number the past three years.

Piche went through the entire expense and revenue parts of the 2017 budget with the council, noting several things for the council to think about in the long run.

One of those items was water rates. He said, if they keep water rates the same the next few years, they are going to start running a deficit. So Piche suggested maybe next fall they take a look at increasing water rates.

He mentioned one of the goals in the budget is to reduce debt as much as possible. Piche wants to eventually get all their loans paid off, so they only have zero interest loans.

Upcoming capital projects and expenses include: in 2018 they are looking at re-doing Sycamore Street, and in 2020, Lynn Street. They will soon be looking at getting a new firetruck, discussing purchasing a sludge press, and deciding on new softeners at the water plant.

Council expressed their appreciation for Piche’s looking into the future when budgeting.

“We have a much better perspective on year-to-year than we ever used to,” Council Member Nick Greve said.

By Alexandra Newman

Reach this writer at 937-538-4825.

Reach this writer at 937-538-4825.