August real estate transfers


SIDNEY – The following are all of the real estate transfers that took place in Shelby County during August. Listed is who sold the property to who, the street the property is located on, the lot number on that street (if available), and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Office website


• Adam Koenig to Brian Bailey, Cherry Lane, Lot 374, $149,000

• DITR Enterprises to Tina Welsh and Scott Logan, East Main Street, $46,348

• Wannemacher Co. to Michael McRill, Brentwood Court, Lot 639, $211,180


• Howard and Jane Dewyer to Evan Maurer, East State Street, Lot 50, $167,500

• Michael Buchanan to Kevin Platfoot, Roth Street, Lot 208, $124,000

Fort Loramie

• James Mangas to Jason Meinerding, Ben Street, Lot 407, $125,000

Jackson Center

• Benjamin Wehner to Jared and Melinda Nation, South Main Street, $120,800

• Lori Whittenberger to Carol Shaffer, Leo Street, Lot 29, $85,000

• Steven and Danielle Bunke to Dwaine and Tina Sosby, North Fork, Lot 449, $190,000


• Russell and Amy Hill to Derek Alexander, North Main Avenue, Lot 270, $61,000

• Mark Brunson to Connie Bell, Fair Road, Lot 1701, $114,900

• Jeffrey Hodges to Matthew and Nicole Coberly, Old English Court, Lot 4274, $156,000

• Thomas and Priscilla George to Stanley and Dorothy Fogt, Summer Field Trail, Lot 6849, $235,000

• Connie Bell to Christina Fullenkamp and Brandon Corner, Foraker Avenue, Lot 2154, $137,000

• Citi Financial Servicing LLC to Great Faith Ministries International Inc., Michigan Street, Lots 1941 and 1942, $72,980

• John and Marcella Walter to Ryder Gross, North Main Street, Lot 1361, $88,000

• Philip and Janet Cook to Jeffrey and Tara Hodges, Westminster Court, Lot 4931, $188,500

• Jacob and Andrea Johnson to Ronald Hughes, East Edgewood Street, Lot 3035, $151,500

• Marvin and Wanda Wooddell to James and Dorothy Meyer, Pioneer Court, $137,000

• Raymond Davis to Jeffrey and Denise Norton, Cumberland Avenue, Lot 6506, $154,000

• Frances Vernon to Donna Porter, Bridlewood Drive, Lot 6714, $178,000

• Barry Eilert to RM Kirk Family LLC, Amelia Court, Lot 5523, $140,000

• WAW Investments LTD to Scott Rohrer Jr., Forest Avenue, Lots 462 and 463, $56,900

• Judy Homan to Brittni Sparks, Marilyn Drive, Lot 2771, $78,500

• Shreves Construction Company to Marvin and Wanda Wooddell, Hoewisher Road, Lot 6294, $200,000

• H W Properties LTD to Samuel and Karla Young, Plum Ridge Trail, Lot 6386, $188,500

• Thomas and Brenda Thompson to James Loos, Pike Street, Lot 514, $1,000

• Bensar Properties LTD to Shelby County Memorial Hospital Association, Vandemark Road, (agricultural vacant land), $289,740

• E & M Realty Co. to Holt Homestead Properties LLC, 13 lots on Amherst Drive, $810,000

Cynthian Township

• Andre and Wendy Lauber to Mark and Janelle Cantwil, Kaiser Road, $350,000

Dinsmore Township

• Sam Ruck to James and Barbara Price, North Walnut Street, (grain elevators), $3,000

• Michael Wendel to Matthew Leugers, State Route 219, $169,000

Jackson Township

• Robert and Tammy Barhorst to Darrel and Julie Klopfenstein, Meranda Road, (3 agricultural lots), $400,000

McLean Township

• Thomas and Mary Moeller to Lynn Ahrns, State Route 362, Lot 301, $87,000

• Donald and Sharon Finkenbine to Willard and Patricia Platfoot, Luthman Road, Lot 366, $15,000

• Bonnie Robinson to Ada Pry, State Route 362, $14,000

• Ronald and Linda Schmidt to Andrea Sutter, Wells Road, $235,000

Orange Township

• Eric and Marsha Kindig to Steven and Kelsey Lewis, Charm Hill Drive, Lot 114, $190,000

Salem Township

• Graham Smith to Joel March and Lisa Nutting, Sharp Road, $160,000

Turtle Creek Township

• Rumley Cattle Company LLC to Richard and Lacey Gibbs, Fort Loramie Swanders Road (grain or general farm), $183,000

Van Buren Township

• Judith Wells to Robert and Jacklyn Molnar, State Route 274, $170,000

Washington Township

• James Knouff to C L Gillepsie Family Farms LLC, South Kuther Road, (grain or general farm), $260,000

• Eric and Jill Fries to Brian and Michelle Mantor, Stoker Road, Lot 308 (including other residential structure), $224,000


Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman