Real estate transfers

SIDNEY – The following are real estate transfers that recently took place in Shelby County. Listed is who sold the property to whom, the street the property is located on, and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Office website

Fort Loramie

Ryan and Janessa Simon to Rapid Development Real Estate, Walnut Street, $220,000

Miriam Slonkosky trustee to Keith and Sharon Reeder, Greenback Road, $340,000

Keith and Sharon Reeder to Ryan and Janessa Simon, Grandview Drive, $335,000

Jackson Center

Tamera Gates to Donald Depinet, Davis Street, $98,000

Tonya Cole trustee to Got Meat LLC, East Street, $120,000


Middendorf Builders to George and Marcella Stuck, Elizabeth Street, $720


Dorothy Millar to Robert Benshoff III and Morgan Benshoff, Cheryl Drive, $78,000

Evelyn Martz to Jerry Binkley, Hancock Street, $98,000

Kevin Tucker and Erin O’Leary to Kyle Coleman, Apollo Street, $110,000

Austin Snowden Jr. to Raymond Cutlip, St. Marys Avenue, $135,000

Joyce Thoma to Fred Figley II, Lynn Street, $62,900

Joyce Thoma to Jason and April Frohna, Lynn Street, $5,000

Richard and Linda Scott to Christopher and Alissa Geise, Timberlea Trail, $675,000

Gillespie Brothers Properties LLC to Stacey Gibbas, Park Street, $75,000

Jerold Barga Jr. to Jay Higgins, Fifth Avenue, $54,785

Marcia Richmond to Marvin and Katherine Hinds, Michigan Street, $57,000

Gillespie Brothers Properties LLC to Matthew Hughes and Amber Patterson, Ash Place, $83,000

Bunnys Pharmacy Inc to JB VII LLC, Third Avenue, $140,000

Ronald and Brenda Thompson to Michele Lott, Marvin Gene Court, $178,000

Antoinette Stewart to Arthur and Lisa Masteller, Viking Court, $110,000

S&S Property to Jodi New, South Ohio Avenue, $96,000

Sushila Patel Trustee to Matthew Powers, East Parkwood Street, $239,000

Dorothy Dickman to Connie Rosenbeck, Mercury Court, $114,000

Neal Clinehens to William Runser, South Miami Avenue, $35,000

Edward Foster to S&S Property Investments, West Parkwood Street, $30,000

James Phelps Trustee to S&S Property Investments, North Wagner Avenue, $15,000

Connie Rosenbeck to William and Chloe Sember, Campbell Road, $83,000

Linda Ostendorf to Steven Shortridge, Michigan Street, $58,000

Paul and Holly Neves to Megan Williams, Arrowhead Drive, $119,900

ETT Investments Inc. to Lynesa and William Wolfe, Summerfield Trail, $209,000

Walter and Debra Whitsett to James Zerkle, Green Brier Court, $161,000

Loramie Township

Lester and Constance Applegate to Kirsten Richards and Graham Richards, Smith Road, $135,000

Michael Monnin to Duane and Hali Rieman, Foxtail Drive, $38,500

McLean Township

Susan Nelson to Sharon Brandewie, Thelma Drive, $180,000

Orange Township

Edmund and Ann Sauers to Ronnie and Debra Nation, Woodlawn Drive, $30,000

Leana Gunter Etal to Elmer Schmackers, Kirkwood Road, $25,000

Roxanne Welsh Trustee to Kevin and Erin Tucker, Tawny Leaf Court, $250,000

Perry Township

Susan Collett to Mark Burton, Guppy Street, $25,000

Salem Township

Debra York to Gerald Snow, state Route 47, $10,000

Turtle Creek Township

Arthur Morgan to Steven and Connie Beers, North Kuther Road, $95,500

Eileen Silvers to Jarrod Tucker and Charles and Sally Ostendorf, Hardin-Wapakoneta Road, $60,000

Van Buren Township

Paul and Pamela Simon to Gabrielle Buehler, Lucas Geib Road, $60,000

Erin and Jennifer Schmidt to Preston and Carol Meyer, Botkins Road, $24,000

Kevin Moeller to Paul and Karen Schmerge, state Route 119, $133,000

Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman