November real estate transfers

SIDNEY – The following are real estate transfers that recently took place in Shelby County. Listed is who sold the property to whom, the street the property is located on, and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Office website


Eric and Sarah Klein to David and Leslie Heintz, Sapphire Street, $221,500

Diane Furgason to Douglas and Heidi Martin, East Main Street, $129,000

Amber Warbington to Jordan Suthers, East North Street, $120,000

Lois Motter to Gurdev Tahkar, Linden Street, $70,400


Evelyn George to Bryan and Teresa Esser, Mary Street, $152,000

Bryan and Teresa Esser to Kevin Esser, Edgewood Street, $110,000

Fort Loramie

Derek Alexander to Bruns Construction Enterprises Inc., Woodland Drive, $64,500

Kevin and Kathleen Barhorst to Casey’s Marketing Company, South Main Street, $161,500

Canal Rentals LLC to Casey’s Marketing Company, South Main Street, $338,500

Tooling Technology LLC to Store Master Funding XI LLC, Enterprise Drive, $2,952,230

Jackson Center

Martha Thomas to Jackson Center Board of Education, Linden Street, $62,500

Jerry D. Butler to Jerry J. Butler, College Street and East Pike Street $52,890

Cheryl Mann to Mary Rutan Hospital, East Pike Street, $325,000

J. Orzechowski to Dalton Owen, Elder Street, $104,000

Dwight and Marilyn Johnson to Christen Thomas, East Pike Street, $73,500

Port Jefferson

Andrew Sturm to Timothy and Vicki Smith, West Main Street, $17,900


Mark and Janelle Cantwil to Brian and Lindsay Hogan, St. Remy Street, $35,000


Warren Wells trustee to Backwoods Investments LLC, South Ohio Avenue, $50,000

Selma Geib to Steven and Dorothy Baker, Spruce Avenue, $165,000

CJ Fogt Real Estate to Jack Billing and Anita Billing, West Parkwood Street, $133,000

Gerald Doerger to Harry and Carol Boblit, Wildwood Drive, $328,500

Starr Gould to Bryan Boyer, Plum Ridge Trail, $500,000

Steven and Connie Harlamert to Nathaniel and Shawna Breinich, Westminster Drive, $201,000

JPMorgan Chase to Travis Brux, North Broadway Avenue, $84,000

Jewell King to James and Dawn Carnes, Fielding Road, $110,000

David Boerger to Paul and Sandra Carpenter, North Main Avenue, $89,000

Warren Koogler trustee to Nancy Caruso, Langdon Drive, $110,000

Piper Visions to CMJT LLC, South Main Avenue, $100,000

TCFC Investments LTD to Amy Davis, Winter Ridge Drive, $37,000

Dale Given to Robert Davis, Meredith Court, $176,000

Nathaniel and Shawna Breinich to Crystal Donahue, Kossuth Street, $119,500

CJ Fogt Real Estate to Kyle Fogt, West Parkwood Street, $131,000

Michael Gallimore to George Frazier, Fourth Avenue, $45,000

Burns Investments to Gillespie Bros Properties LLC, South Ohio Avenue, $31,000

Aunalee Moore to Starr and Lawrence Gould, Timberidge Drive, $247,000

June Young to Hooks and Foster Rentals LLC, Miami Avenue, $47,500

Odis Day and Anna Gibson to Jerry and Ella Keener, North Main Avenue, $2,000

Patricia Smith to James Kreitner, Marilyn Drive, $87,000

Dennis Moeller to Floyd and Jeanetta Lamdbin, Evergreen Drive, $126,000

Stephen Aselage cotrustee to Christopher McCormick and Marissa McCormick, Gemini Drive, $140,000

Glen Ailes and Cori Jones to Amber Miller, Fair Road, $114,500

Steven and Dorothy Baker to Erin and Joshua Montgomery, West Avenue/Ohio Avenue, $200,000

Chad and Kathleen Spillers to James Muhlenkamp, Ironwood Drive, $82,000

Harlow Builders to William and Carrie O’Leary, Erie Court, $385,000

Michael Hormann to Shaun and Amanda Pfeil, Windsor Parke Drive, $184,900

Gregg Anderson to Neil Reigelsperger, Constitution Avenue, $166,000

M & B Leasing LTD to SDH Properties LLC, North Wapakoneta Avenue, $205,000

John Dixon to Randy Shaffner, St. Marys Avenue, $13,500

Eric Williams to Michael and Dayla Smith, East Court Street, $88,500

Gary and Susan Kaser to Heidi Southam and Donald Southam, Twinbrook Place, $195,500

David Shiverdecker to Jessica Taylor, Chestnut Avenue, $96,000

Rachel Vonderhuevel to Sean and Jordyn Trabue, Jon Avenue, $129,000

Jennifer Blackford to Eric and Tamara Williams, West Parkwood Street, $160,000

Bernard Honaker to Gary Wooddell, Evergreen Drive, $72,400

Nagaraj and Lakshmi Jayanth to Michael and Marlene Zimmerman, East Parkwood Street, $240,000

Clinton Township

David and Connie Schneider to Brandy Schulze, Stephens Road, $118,500

James and Laura Alter to Chase Wildermuth, Riverside Drive, $228,000

Cynthian Township

John and Patricia Whitted to Caleb Foster, Mills Road, $95,600

Daniel Paulus to Jared and Tiffany Hoying, Kaiser Road, $200,000

Armella Moeller to Jess and Casey McGreevy, State Route 66, $175,000

Margery Barlage trustee to Joyce and Terry Mumaw, Mary Street, $7,500

Dinsmore Township

Evelyn George to Bryan and Teresa Esser, Mary Street, $152,000

Joseph Goettemoeller to Gregory and Jean Koth, State Route 274, $158,500

Franklin Township

Gail Applegate to Joshua and Tracy Platfoot, Wenger Road, $50,000

Gil Bornshort trustee to Keith and Sharon Richards, Scott Road, $352,500

Green Township

Carrie Phillips to Randi Shank, Tawawa Road and Main Street, $55,000

Gary and Deborah Pitts trustee to TJE Farms LLC, Wiles Road, $1,244,100

Loramie Township

Michael Monnin etal to Joshua and Jana Francis, Foxtail Drive, $47,000

Nancy Reck to Rebecca Heilers, state Route 66, $100,000

Michael Monnin etal to Sara Young and Blake Ransdell, Woodside Drive, $38,250

McLean Township

Traci Woehrmyer to Brooke Cook, Brugeman Road, $66,500

Stanley and Dorothy Fogt to Bruce Pence etal, Dorothy Drive and Barbara Drive, $57,600

Larry and Patti Newman to Edward and Jody Seger, Ash Road, $48,000

Richard Jenkins to Richard and Linda Willis, Thelma Drive, $5,500

Orange Township

Benjamin Musser to Francis Wiley Family Limited Partnership, Fulton Road, $145,000

Alice Kelly to Robert Supinger, Knoop-Johnston Road, $58,000

Perry Township

Wells Fargo Bank to John Huelskamp and Pamela Huelskamp, Knoop-Johnston Road, $62,500

Salem Township

Mark Opperman to Nathan Larger, Ailes Road, $41,000

Andrew Sturm to Timothy and Vicki Smith, West Main Street, $17,900

Turtle Creek Township

John Richards to Neil and Genevieve Schroer, State Route 29, $50,000

Van Buren Township

Nicholas Berning to Charles and Michelle Axe, State Route 119, $112,500

Todd Elsass to Quincy and Tiffany Ballweg, Botkins Road, $150,000

Linda Boardwine to Tyler Bensman, State Route 119, $145,000

Paul Bornhorst to Douglas and Pamela Berning, Bornhorst Road, $148,000

Dale and Lisa Mceldowney to Ann Monnin trustee, Sycamore Trail, $308,000

Washington Township

Pamela Nicodemus to Joshua Osborne and Erica Denham, Patterson-Haplin Road, $180,000

Lorena Smith to Kenneth and Kimberly Pistone, Kuther Road, $565,000

Cathy Popp to Lorena Smith, Hardin Road, $259,500

Michael Smith to Stilwell Management LLC, Comanche Drive, $54,250

William Theis to Lacey and Joseph Theis, Millcreek Road, $101,000

Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman