Council deals with old general store

Staff report

KETTLERSVILLE — What to do about an old building was among matters discussed at the recent meeting of Kettlersville Village Council.

Mayor Eric Kaminsky was to file a nuisance complaint with the Sidney-Shelby County Health Department concerning the old general store building. It was noted the Health Department does have the building on a “not-to-be-inhabited list.” Kaminsky was to confirm if building is condemned and what the next steps are.

Kaminsky discussed street work planned on South Street. He was to contact Freisthler Paving for a quote; the project will be broken into three sections. Resident Brian Shuster suggested that the bend on the west end be squared off. Kaminskhy also was to request that Freisthler check on crack-sealing the remaining streets.

Shuster had brought up the following items for council discussion, He said there is a light out on Kettlersville Road. He also inquired if a permit is required for an in-ground pool. Council told him to contact Randy Wentz, village zoning officer. He asked if parking on the sidewalks is permitted, He was told such incidents should be reported to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

In other business:

• The mayor received letter from Shelby County Community Action Center requesting endorsement of the center. Council passed a motion to send an endorsement letter.

• Councilwoman Betty Ike was to contact TruPointe about obtaining spray to kill weeds in the village.

• In regard to the income survey, Kaminsky reported not enough surveys were turned in, being short 19 surveys. Julie Ward does not charge for her services regarding the survey.

• The mayor and Council President John Shumate signed the custodian contract with Dietrich Reinhart.

• The park shelter roof has been replaced and structure reinforced.

• The mayor provided contact information for a crane company to remove bell at old town hall. Ike was to contact the company.

• Ike was contacted by Bill Elsass in regard to the cement arch from the old school. Council decided the arch would be loaned to Elsass and that it would be returned to the village when he no longer has use for it. Documentation will be created stating stipulations of loaning the arch.

• The mayor was to contact new owner of old town hall to obtain the council chamber sign on the building.

• The mayor has been in contact with a street-sweeping company in Dayton. The estimated cost to the village is $75 an hour for travel and $160 an hour to sweep the streets. Debris will be placed at the park. Council passed a motion to proceed with street-sweeping project.

• The mayor was to contact Van Buren Township officials about distributing remaining green house-number signs to residents and to inquire about placement of signs.

• The Well Association is waiting on a contractor to repair the alley.

• Council passed a motion to keep the terms of the Steinke Metal Fabricating lease as is. Fiscal Officer Linda Miller was to update the lease and mail it to Steinke.

• A company in Wapakoneta has to offered to come to a meeting to speak to council about options for replacing the flag.

Staff report