Next day delivery available in Lima through Google

By Danae King - [email protected]

LIMA — Google is now offering its Express delivery service locally.

Google Express, a next-day delivery service, has expanded to more states and cities and will soon be offered in Lima.

“Google Express brings the speed of the web to the real world by helping consumers shop their favorite stores online, in a single place,” according to a release from the company.

Customers can shop at national stores and specialty stores they may not be able to find in their area, then get their items delivered the next day.

“Our goal with Google Express is to offer a great shopping experience and connect people with their favorite stores,” Google Express General Manager Brian Elliott said in a statement. “Today, we’re very excited to be further expanding our efforts — making it easy for over 25 million people in the Midwest to get things they need from stores they love — delivered overnight.”

The service costs shoppers $95 a year or $10 a month for unlimited delivery. With no membership, delivery costs $4.99 per store, according to the release.

A three-month free trial is available for new members.

By Danae King

[email protected]

Reach Danae King at 567-242-0511 or on Twitter @DanaeKing.

Reach Danae King at 567-242-0511 or on Twitter @DanaeKing.