Herrick re-elected township chairman

Staff report

SIDNEY — At the recent reorganization meeting of Salem Township Trustees, Richard Herrick was nominated as chairman for 2017 and Scott Platfoot was elected vice chairman. The third trustee is Daniel Knoop.

Zoning Officer James Hall resigned as of Dec. 31, 2016. The Trustees appointed Robert Allen as the Zoning Officer for 2017, and Allen will also be the representative for the Regional Planning Commission.

The township’s regular monthly meetings will remain on the first Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.

The Zoning Board of Appeals members will remain the same as last year, with Dan Knasel being the chairman, other members are Mike Clark, Bill Pence, Jim Neilan and Don Alexander .

The Zoning Board of Commissions will need one replacement since Allen has been appointed as the Zoning Officer. Chris Wooddell will be the chairman for the board, other members are Jim McCrary, Paul Roach and Gary Clark. The board members will continue to be paid $25 per meeting attended.

To apply for a variance there will be a $400 non-refundable fee. Prices for burials and cemetery plots were increased by $50. Copies or transfers of deeds was increased to $50 Temporary appropriations were approved.

Representatives for the following boards were set: Herrick was appointed to the Shelby County Health Board, Knoop was selected to be the representative for Shelby County Emergency Management Committee. Jeff Clark agreed to stay on as representative for Perry, Port, Salem Rescue District Board.

Staff report