Commission favors replat/lot split

SIDNEY — The Sidney Planning Commission Monday night recommended approval of a complicated replat/lot split.

The commission recommended that Sidney City Council approve the request, which involves a lot split and replat of four lots to create two new lots at 827 and 835 S. Main Ave. The action was requested by Britt Havenar, on behalf of BM Partners.

Community Services Director Barbara Dulworth told the commission the purpose of this replat is to split a currently vacant lot, with each adjacent property getting one half of the vacant property. Due to the complexity and multiple property owners, this replat/lot split requires three separate plats to be accomplished, she said.

Each plat must be approved before the next can be approved and they must be recorded in the same order so that ownership can be transferred and title searches in the future can follow the process back. The new lots that will be created currently have single-family residences fronting on Main Avenue.