September real estate transfers


SIDNEY – The following are all of the real estate transfers that took place in Shelby County during September. Listed is who sold the property to who, the street the property is located on, the lot number on that street (if available), and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Office website


Carol Thompson to Troy Kies, West North Street, Lots 15 and 16, $26,490

Theresa Miller to Anna Coffee House Inc., West Main Street, Lot 19, $5,000


Brent Bergman to Kyle Berlekamp, East South Street, Lot 118, $100,000

Alle Freshcorn to Daniel Layton, South Main Street, Lot 354, $106,500

Peter Vaubel to Lee and Kristen Vaubel, East State Street, Lot 144 and 145, $104,000

Fort Loramie

GJR2 LLC to Matthew and Kathryn Burks, East Elm Street, Lot 7, $72,500

Stanley Fogt to Jordan and Mallory Pleiman, Elizabeth Court, Lot 463, $250,000

Matthe Rethman to Ryan Schemmel, Walnut Street, Lot 24 and vacant land adjacent to lot 24, $118,000

Jordan Pleiman to Cody Albers, Sioux Street, Lot 220, $178,000

Jackson Center

Allen Nash to Gerald and Delores Detrick, Jackson Street, Lot 81, $10,625


James Monnier to Cynthia Cool, Park Street, Lot 131, $200,000

Chad Monnier to Jordan and Stacey Grogean, Voisard Street, Lot 110, $235,000

Pamela Gilardi to Janice Prenger, Park Street, Lot 152, $175,000

Jay Grieshop to Adam York, Borchers Street, Lot 88, $168,000


Timothy Bartee to Carla Bartee, Bennett Street, Lot 83 and vacant land adjacent to lot 83, $48,000

V Mortgage REO to William and Heather Boerger, Bon Air Drive, Lot 50, 51, 52, 53 and 54, $153,000

Michael Calvert to Kevin Calvert, Turner Drive, Lot 4824, $120,000

Dorothy White to Sharon Converse, Dingman Street, Lot 10, $70,000

Jeffrey Hall to DID Investments, East Court Street, Lot OL 46, $65,000

Pankas Thakkar to Michael Franklin, Foxcross Drive, Lot 5995, $158,000

Tanyce Lang to Jeffrey Grieves and Jamie Huecker, Wells Drive, Lot 3878, $160,000

Norma Falke to Patricia Hamberg, Shawnee Drive, Lot 3356, $110,000

I & S Rentals to Theodore and Carol Heckman, Addy Avenue, Lot 6910, $149,500

Martin Hill to Cory and Jennifer Heffelfinger, North Broadway Avenue, $185,000

Tara Dohner to Stephanie Heitkamp, Grant Street, Lot 1503, $77,900

Brian Mantor to Jonathon and Stacy Jackson, Johnston Drive, Lot 81, 82 and 83, $135,000

Dean Firman to William and Karen Jacobs, South Ohio Avenue, Lot 366, $57,500

Duane Allison to Andrea Kimmel, Leizure Court, Lot 135, $117,900

Richard Arnold to L & J Property Enterprises LLC, Summit Street, Lot 2259, $66,000

Matthew Sohnly to Traci Mackall, Wapak Avenue, Lot 124, $78,500

Herbert Ross to Thomas and Rebecca Martin, Second Avenue, Lot 1042, $28,000

Leroy Divens to Robert and Mary Morris, Crown Point Court, Lot 4243, $150,000

Messer Investments to Emilie Oaks, Fourth Avenue, Lot 7, $39,830

Jennifer Mullins to Ashley Pridemore, Fair Oaks Drive, Lot 3654, $83,000

Kathleen Sturm to Jeremiah Range, Port Jefferson Road, Lot 2668, $195,000

Harbour Portfolio to Linda Richmond, Oak Street, $1,000

FRJH LTD to Betty Scott, Fulton Street, Lot 35 and 36, $62,000

Shaffer Metal to Shaffer Rentals LLC, Commerce Drive, Lot 138, $50,000

Chad Geuy to Gay Smith, Aldrin Drive, Lot 4004, $132,000

Agathann Perry to Anthony and Deborah Stallard, Fair Oaks Drive, Lot 3864, $45,000

Jen Poeppelman to Penelope Swallow, West South Street, Lot 133, $30,000

Cam Eisenhardt to Joshua Usserman, Daniel Drive, Lot 96 and 97, $112,500

Tomm Leininger to Michael and Beverly Vietti, Tranquility Court, $88,000

Christopher Bruchs to WAW Investments LTD, Fair Road, Lot 1711, $41,000

Joshua Russell to Judd and Angela Williamson, Sixth Avenue, Lot 5584, $93,400

James Heap to Brenda Wills, Driftwood Trail, Lot 5427, $228,700

Mutual Federal to Andrew Wroda, North Ohio Avenue, Lot 291, $20,000

Logan Fair to Timothy and Brittany Braun, North Broadway Avenue, Lot 2135, $98,000

Barbara Dearth to PDM Real Estate LLC, McKinley Avenue, Lot 1624, $57,500

Basis Investments to Haley Reisinger, Edgewood Street, Lot 101, $89,900

Resta Houchens to Blaze Properties LLC, Michigan Street, Lot 5098, $755,000

Mark Millbourn to OREC LLC, Marilyn Drive, Lot 3735, $70,000

Clinton Township

Micael Teague to Bradley Teague, West Michigan Street, $65,000

Cynthian Township

Anthony Meyer to Justin Siegel, State Route 66, $82,500

Richard Henman to Kenneth Subler, Elm Street, Lot 70, $5,000

Dinsmore Township

Lauren Walch to Eric and Jerrica Lane, Amsterdam Road, $276,000

Franklin Township

Timothy Tobe to Darick and Joanna Hiatt, Sidney-Freyburg Road, Lot 179, $209,900

Green Township

Allen Harris to Cory Frey, Tawawa-Maplewood Road, Three lots total including 68 and 69, $81,500

Loramie Township

Beverly Miller to Chad and Karen Monnier, Redmond Road, $390,000

Jordan Grogean to Cory and Cassandra Monnin, Miller Road, $160,000

S. Vondenhuevel to Jesse Phlipot, State Route 66, $154,000

Leona Cathcart to Shawn and Christina Shultz, Jerome Drive, Lot 15, $74,000

McLean Township

Gary Rotunda to Michael and Angela Buchanan, Luthman Road, Lot 410, $144,500

Dale Mescher to Derrick and Elizabth Dysert, Schmitmeyer-Baker Road, $275,9000

Orange Township

Thomas Bahleda to Chad and Kaylin Geuy, Tawny Leaf Court, Lot 81, $229,900

Mary Guenthner to Kenneth and Janice Seger, Bulle Road, $400,000

Perry Township

Melissa Wooddell to Joshua Russell, Dingman-Slagle Road, $159,000

Salem Township

Carl Zimmerman to Robin Boyer, Sindey-Freyburg, $40,000

Glena Welch to Walter and Debra Whitsett, State Route 47, $55,000

Turtle Creek Township

Johnathon Holthaus to Emily and Todd Clinehens, Cisco Road, $186,275

Sergio Millan to Stephen and Angel Gillem, Lindsey Road, $114,000

Gregory St. Clair to Johnny and Nichole Perry, North Kuther Road, $164,000

Washington Township

David Malone to Andrew Gariety, Kuther Road, $141,000

Cox Radio Inc. to IWG Towers Assets II LLC, Aiken Road, $14,630


Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman