Out of the past

125 Years

Sept. 9, 1892

Policeman Bush arrested J.S. Duffenbaugh this afternoon for jumping on moving trains. He was fined $1 and costs, amounting to $4, and stands committed to the work house until the amount is paid. There have been a great many young boys who are persistent in their desire to jump on moving trains. They should take warning.

100 Years

Sept 9, 1917

Edward Given will leave tomorrow for Washington, D.C., where he will take a position in the purchasing department of the government. He will be an inspector in leather purchasing.


Misses Mary Loudenback, Florence Smith and Margaret Duncan, and Messrs. John Foster, Andrew Roy, Collette Gastineau, Louis McVay and Bladen Marshall left today to enter Miami University at Oxford.


This week is the last in which whiskey can legally be manufactured in the United States, during the period of the war. Orders sent out from the internal revenue department in Washington provide that all distilleries must cease operation next Saturday night at 11 o’clock. The order affects two plants in Miami county, the Hayner distillery in Troy, and Detrick distillery in Tippecanoe City.

75 Years

Sept. 9, 1942

The Silver Star for bravery in action has been awarded to Lt. Charles Huffman Dearth, according to word received here by his wife and parents. He received the citation for participating in the bombing and sinking of a Japanese transport.


Sixth air raid warden students successfully completed the 10-week, 24-hour course and passed the examination given last week, according to the announcement made today by William Buirley, air raid warden instructor. The city has been divided into seven districts, each able to function independent of the other, Buirley said.


Secretary Ben O. Harman announced today that the Shelby County Fair Board has selected as one of the features for the 1942 Fair, a spectacular pageant entitled the “Parade of Our Allies.” It will be presented by a cast of 30 on Wednesday evening of fair week.

50 Years

Sept. 9, 1967

Tom Watkins, assistant to the production manager of The Sidney Daily News, will be one of 19 newspaper executives attending a special seminar at Columbia University, New York City.

The seminar will examine all phases of newspaper production with special emphasis on computers and their place in the press today and in the future.


William K. Brandt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Brandt, RR. 1, last week received a masters degree in business organization at Ohio State University’s commencement. A 1961 Anna High School graduate, he has been awarded a fellowship at Stanford University in California to study for his doctorate.

Brandt received his bachelors degree in agricultural economics at OSU in 1965.

25 Years

Sept. 9, 1992

BOSTON – The patched-up Queen Elizabeth 2 eased out of Boston Harbor on Tuesday, to the thrill of spectators and the lament of shipworkers, nearly a month after hitting apparently uncharted rocks near Martha’s Vineyard.

The luxury liner underwent almost $5 million in temporary repairs and was declared seaworthy for a voyage to Germany where permanent repairs will be made. The ship is due Monday in Hamburg.


After 35 years in finance, Joseph DeWeese is about to say farewell to the profession with plans to embark on another vocation.

DeWeese, vice president and senior agricultural loan officer, will leave Star Bank Sept. 15 after logging 30 years with the banking institution. Beside working at Star Bank and its related banks (First National Bank and Loramie Banking Co.), DeWeese, 60, also worked another seven years for other area financial institutions.

“I don’t think of this as a retirement, it’s a career change,” DeWeese said. “I’m going to work a few more years.”

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These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org