Council discusses hanging flags

Staff report

KETTLERSVILLE — Hanging of flags along state Route 274 was among items discussed by Kettlersville Village Council at its recent meeting.

According to meeting minutes, Jeremy Kuhn with Schneider Signs presented options for flags to be hung along the street. He quoted options for hanging of the flags at $250 for a bucket truck plus $75 an hour to install flags. Council determined that someone will need to hang and remove flags. Councilman David Greer was to contact residents who may be able to help. Mayor Eric Kaminsky was to check on renting a scissor lift.

Councilwoman Betty Ike reported that Bill Elsass was interested in obtaining the old school arch. The mayor was to find verbiage to create an agreement for loaning of the arch to Elsass.

The mayor was to follow up on obtaining the council chambers sign from the old town hall. Ike contacted a crane company to remove the bell in old town hall. The contractor said the cost would be no more than $200. Council also was waiting on a response from contractors to remove the housing so the bell can be removed.

Van Buren Township has run out of house numbers to complete green house-number signs. The next village newsletter will include installation directions.

The mayor filed a complaint with the Sidney-Shelby County Health Department about the old general store. Several items have been remedied, except for placement of trash cans, about which the Health Department has been notified. The building was ordered to remain vacant 15 years ago. Health officials provided the mayor with Ohio Revised Code information. The village can request that the building be torn down. Council discussed who would cover the expense.

The mayor provided a proposal from Freisthler Paving to mill and repave the west end of South Street at a cost of $12,919. Council passed a motion to accept the proposal for the amount listed. The mayor was to schedule the work and clarify if the street will be ground down. Fiscal Officer Linda Miller was to contact the Shelby County Engineer’s Office to obtain a figure for funds available from the permissive auto license fee that would be used toward the South Street work.

In other business, it was reported:

• The Well Association is waiting on a contractor to fix an alley.

• The street crack-sealing proposal was reviewed and put on hold.

• TruPointe donated weed spray; Betty Ike has state Route 274 done and will work on the rest of the village.

• The mayor contacted Miami Valley Lighting about a street light out on Kettlersville Road; he was told Dayton Power and Light will repair it.

• The fiscal officer notified council that House Bill 64 will provide $3,676.80 through fiscal year July 2016.

• Council passed a motion authorizing Fiscal Officer Linda Miller to attend ongoing educational training in October through the state of Ohio at a cost of $65 plus mileage and reimbursement.

• A donation of $20 was received from a village resident for placing items in the Dumpster while the park shelter roof was being replaced.

• The mayor notified a resident to check with Zoning Officer Randy Wentz to see if a building permit is needed for improvements made on the resident’s property.

Staff report