Jackson Center Council discuses solar energy

JACKSON CENTER– The Jackson Center Village Council met June 1 to discuss solar energy.

Harry Phillips made a power point presentation to the mayor and council members regarding AMP, Inc. Solar Phase II project. This overview involved the project schedule, project costs, financing, risks and benefits along with the power sales contract overview.

AMP members submitted potential solar sites with thirty-seven sites being proposed and twenty member sites being selected. The Village of Jackson Center is one of those sites. All sites are planned to be rolled into one project.

The project will have a single energy rate and a single capacity rate except for small sites. Participants of this project will receive capacity and energy from the entire portfolio. AMP has partnered with Power Secure Solar who is an EPC contractor.

Power Secure Solar will use contract laborers from local markets to increase local jobs. Solar provides peaking capacity and transmission savings. Participation in the solar project diversifies power supply along with providing long-term cost stability. Solar will also reduce the members’ reliance on the wholesale markets.

At this time, the village is working with their electric consultant Sawvel and Associates to determine if this is an option for Jackson Center.

Also discussed:

• The council passed an ordinance that will compensate the police department canine handler for “at-home care” of the police canine dog. That includes, bathing, brushing, exercising, feeding, grooming, cleaning of the dog’s kennel or transport vehicle, administering drugs or medicine for illness and/or transporting the dog to and from an animal hospital or veterinarian and training the dog at home. This ordinance will cover compensation for the rest of 2015. It will be added to the payroll ordinance next year.

• The council also passed an ordinance that will adjust and increase appropriations to pay expenditures for cleaning up the fence rows on the well field property and fixing tile.

• Council Member Leisha Elchert reported there were zero reported incidences during the 2015 Community Days. It was also reported the gun raffle had more local winners than in past years.

• Council members wished to recognize Christopher Tuttle and congratulate him on receiving the Executive Director’s Award. This award is given to the senior who has demonstrated the ability to overcome obstacles and achieve success. Tuttle worked for the Village last year helping out crews out in many ways.