Super Saturday Recycling victim of budget cuts

Staff report

SIDNEY — For the past six years, the city of Sidney and the Shelby County Commissioners have partnered with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, Minster Bank, Shelby County Libraries, the Sidney-Shelby County Chamber of Commerce, the Shelby County Emergency Management Agency, the Shelby County Agricultural Society, the Sidney-Shelby County Health Department, the North Central Solid Waste District, for Sidney’s Super Saturday Recycling Event held each April. Last year a new partner Cohen Recycling was brought in to provide electronic recycling services after Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley changed its business model and announced it would no longer provide these services.

“Last year was the first year participants were required to pay for recycling of televisions and monitors,” said Sidney Mayor Mike Barhorst. “While the fees collected did help to offset the total cost of providing the services, the city, county and North Central Solid Waste District paid the balance of the electronic recycling bill.”

“Last year the county and city each funded over $2,100 toward the electronics recycling event,” said County Commissioner Bob Guillozet. “The county is faced with making $450,000 in budget cuts due to the State legislature’s changes to sales taxes imposed on Medicaid Managed Care Organizations. We have to start somewhere in making the necessary cuts.”

North Central Ohio Waste District Program Coordinator Susan Helterbran said, “Despite the lack of a convenient one-day event, there are still local electronic recycling options available to Shelby County residents. The Shelby County Recycling Center (1600 Riverside Drive, Sidney) currently accepts e-waste items, including televisions for a fee of 60 cents per pound (subject to change). Appointments must be made with the Recycling Center before dropping off e-waste items. Please call 800-553-6763 Ext 20 for to make an appointment and inquire about current e-waste recycling fees.”

“Of course we are saddened to see this successful event come to an end, but fully understand and respect that difficult decision,” said Minster Bank Sidney Branch Manager Rhonda Keister. “To help fill the void for paper recycling in the community Minster Bank will again be providing on-site document shredding (117 W. Russell Road) its Russell Road location on Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018. More details will be published later in 2018.”

Those individuals with expired or no longer needed prescriptions and medications are encouraged to use the recycling drop box at the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office (555 Gearhart Road, Sidney).

“We will ensure that the drugs are disposed of properly. Drugs should not be flushed down the toilet, as they will only pollute our streams, rivers and oceans,” said Shelby County Sheriff John Lenhart.

Books were collected for the first time two years ago. The books are collected by volunteers from Amos Memorial Public Library.

“The books are separated into three categories,” Shelby County Public Libraries Executive Director Suzanne Cline said. “Some of the books may be added to our extensive collection, many of them will be sold at the library’s annual book sale, and some, especially sets of encyclopedias, are recycled.”

Those individuals with books are encouraged to contact the Amos Memorial Public Library to inquire about recycling options.

Shelby County residents are encouraged to visit the North Central Ohio Solid Waste District website to learn more about local recycling options and events.

Staff report