4 townships see trustee contested races

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SIDNEY — There are several contested township trustee races in Shelby County.

In Franklin Township, three candidates are seeking two seats. Running in Tuesday’s election are Alexander Berner, 13090 County Road 25A, Anna; Michael Carity, 12890 Sidney Freyburg Road, Anna; and Alan Michael, 13177 Ailes Road, Anna. Berner is the incumbent. Melvin Fullenkamp didn’t seek re-election.

Berner, 35, is employed by Electro Controls in the shipping and receiving department. He has been a township trustee for eight years. He and his wife, Jessie, have been married for 13 years and they have three daughters, Breelyn, Tessa and Ansley Berner.

Carity, 46, is a die maintenance team leader at Honda of America Mfg. He and his wife, Bonnie, have been married for 22 1/2 years, and are the parents of two children, Tyler and Grant.

Michael, 57, is the owner of Truck N Fire Pizza, a mobile pizzeria. He and his wife, Kelly, have two children, Josh and Ashley. He is a 1979 graduate of Anna High School.

What are the primary issues in your township or village?

Berner: “Currently I do not feel there are major issues in our Township. However, when and if an issue should arise, I will do my best to resolve the issue in a professional and timely manner.”

Carity: “At this time, in my personal opinion, there are no primary concerns. The meetings that I have attended, the residing people of our township have not shared any major issues. I applaud our current administration for managing our tax payers dollars.”

Michael: “Roads and drainage are always a concern, also snow removal and tall grass.”

Why are you seeking office?

Carity: “Since 1999, I have served the community as a firefighter. I am passionate and take pride in my community. Therefore, I am pursuing a political service position to continue my desire to do what is best for our township.”

Michael: “Now is the time to do something I have always had a desire to do. Since I am semi-retired and have more time to spend on giving back to the community, I believe working together with the other trustees, we can improve our township.”

Berner: “I take pride in knowing that being Trustee helps keep our township well maintained and safe for all families. Because of my dedication to this cause I’ve enjoyed serving as trustee and look forward to serving the next four years.”

What makes you a better candidate?

Michael: “My work ethic along with construction background that I have — 30 -plus years as owner-operator of Michael Masonry. I was involved in commercial and residential (construction). On Election Day, I appreciate your votes and thank you very much.”

Berner: “I’ve served as trustee for the last eight years, because of my experience, I feel I would make the ideal candidate. I am a young, hard working and passionate individual that strives to make the Township a safe and enjoyable place to live. I appreciate your vote on Nov. 7 and I’m looking forward to serving as your Franklin Township trustee!”

Carity: “Growing up, working in a family business, I quickly learned what customer service is all about. Spending time with my father-in-law, I expanded my talents and understanding of farming, including countless hours in the fields. Also, in my past, I have served an elected office as treasurer for the Shelby County Firefighters’ Association. I have been a Training Coordinator for the Shelby County Firefighters’ Association. Currently, at Honda, I am a team leader and serve on the Honda Emergency Response team as an EMT/firefighter/Hazmat responder. I earned the position of Captain on the Anna Fire Department. I volunteer on the Sale Committee for the Shelby County 4-H.

“I truly am passionate about the belief of teamwork. As your future township trustee, I promise to research topics to the best of my ability before making any decisions. With the diversity of residences in our township, I will take all concerns and comments seriously.”

Four candidates are seeking two trustee seats in Jackson Township. Running are incumbents John L. Mann, 17266 Wones Road, Jackson Center, and Robert Zorn, 20481 Linker Road, Jackson Center, Gary Metz, 13701 Strong Road, Maplewood, and Jason T. Platfoot, 18450 Southland Road, Wapakoneta.

Mann, 61, is a farmer and construction worker. He has served the township as a trustee for 20 years. He and his wife, Lori, have four children and nine grandchildren.

Mann said the primary issues in the township deal with road maintenance, fire and rescue contracts and zoning.

“I am very concerned with issues that effect our community,” said Mann of why is is seeking re-election. “I try to help our constituents with whatever issues that they may have. (And) not wanting to see our taxes raised.”

He feels his 20 years of experience and knowledge of how a township should be run is beneficial to the township’s residents. He has gained his experience by attending the township convention every year.

Three candidates are seeking two trustee seats in Perry Township. They are Frederick E. Favors, 6988 Jackson Road, Sidney, Mark D. Henman, Sidney, and Donald J. Wooddell, 19500 Pence, Maplewood. Henman is an incumbent. Harry Groves Jr. opted not to seek re-election.

Henman, 56, is the owner of Tactical Solutions Firearms & Accessories. He is a part-time deputy sheriff and school security officer.

Favors, 52, is self-employed. His family includes his wife, Janice, daughter, Chelsey (Logan) Guillozet, stepsons, Donald Leckey, Eric (Molly) Leckey and Kevin (Dannielle) Leckey and seven grandchildren.

What are the primary issues in your township?

Henman: “Our primary issue that we face as trustees in Perry Township maintaining up keep on our road ways. We are not an overly wealthy township so we rely a lot on any federal and state grants we can take advantage of. Then we have to decided which road ways are In the greatest need of maintenance based on condition and the amount of use they experience.”

Why are you seeking office?

Henman: “I enjoy working with the public. When dealing with any problem that arises in the township, Its important to me to make sure we strived to to stay fair and treat everyone the same.”

Favors: “To help serve and to give back to our community.”

What makes you a better candidate?

Favors: “I have a strong work ethic, am honest and a man of my word.”

Henman: “I already have four years of experience as a Perry Township trustee, I am very experienced working with the public,serving Shelby County for Thirty Five Years now as a Deputy Sheriff. And As a successful business owner I am more than experienced making financial decisions. Doing the best with the funds we have, that is beneficial for the Township. If elected I will continue to serve the Township to the best of my ability. And strive to make sure Perry Township remains a well maintained and safe community.”

Three candidates are seeking two trustee seats in Washington Township. They are Richard Feight, 9101 Lockington Dam Road, Piqua; Theodore J. Larger, 1204 Aiken Road, Piqua; and Randy Schwable, 9280 Fessler Buxton Road, Piqua. Larger and Schwable are incumbents.

Larger, 33, is employed by Ferguson Construction. He has been the township trustee for 11 months. He took over for Bill Huffman, who passed away in May 2017.

“The primary issues in the township lately have been cleaning the roads for visibility which I presently have been working on and having a CDL gives me the advantage of the equipment needed to get the job done,” said Larger. “I am seeking office so I can help out the people in the township and by using my knowledge from Ferguson construction to get the jobs done.

“I am a better candidate because I can take the knowledge from being in the construction field and apply it to the township,” said Larger. “I am a very dedicated person when it comes to my job and the township.”

In the remaining townships, the candidates are unopposed.

• Clinton Township: Jim Gaier, 1890 Riverside, Sidney, and Thomas Kinninger, 2307 S. Vandemark Road, Sidney.

• Cynthian Township: Joseph A. Benanzer, 7682 Cecil Road, Sidney, and Robert L. Siegel, 1996 Cardo Road, Fort Loramie.

• Dinsmore Township. Richard J. Meyer, 11160 Lock Two Road, Botkins, and Michael R. Steward, 15940 Amsterdam Road, Anna. Tisha Wannemacher, 14436 Lochard Road, Anna, is seeking the unexpired term for fiscal officer.

• Green Township: Randy R. Bensman, 2219 Tawawa Maplewood Road, Sidney, and Jeffrey M. Brautigam, 18259 Maloney Road, Sidney.

• Loramie Township: Chad Delaet, 399 Redmond, Russia, and Scott Phlipot, 2340 Russia Houston Road, Russia.

• McLean Township: Robert H. Hoying, 181 Grandview Drive, Fort Loramie, and Gregory S. Ruhenkamp, 72 S. Main St., Fort Loramie.

• Orange Township: Dennis J. Martin, 2300 Bulle Road, Sidney, and Bart F. Rogers, 3700 S. County Road 25A, Sidney.

• Salem Township: Richard A. Herrick, 10230 Pasco Montra Road, and Scott C. Platfoot, 21111 LeFevre Road, Maplewood.

• Turtle Creek: Douglas E. Ike, 8459 Smalley Road, Sidney, and Jonathan J. Siegrist, 10509 Patterson Halpin Road, Sidney.

• Van Buren Township: David J. Berning, 12925 McCartyville Road, Anna, and David Dettler, 9151 State Route 274, Anna.








By Melanie Speicher


Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.