Building inspection program available in Logan County

Staff report

QUINCY — A building inspection program in Logan County will be available to all the villages in the county.

Dustin Wickersham, Logan County commissioner ,and Dana Boogher, Commercial Building Inspector, were present for the Oct. 6 meeting of Quincy Council to inform members of a building inspection program being offered to villages in Logan County. This program would be for both residential and commercial building inspections and will help speed up building permits and insure safety new construction.

Council tabled the item until the mayor returned and a full Council was in place.

A reminder of the Quincy Temple Fall Festival was given. On Oct. 24, 2015, the Quincy Temple will host at Chili Cook off

with prizes and treats and activities for the kids. The time is noon to 4 p.m. at the Quincy Community building.

Council discussed several issues with open burning in the village. After review it was determined that an update to current laws needed to be done by way of ordinance. Steve Fansler agreed to review any new laws and incorporate them into a new ordinance to be presented for approval. This will put the mayor, council, fire department and residents all on the same page with open burning. At this time the only fires permitted are recreational fires and cooking fires. These fires must be on occasion, someone present at all times, and only wood fires. Trash, debris and leaves are not permitted to be burned during these fires.

An issue with the Regional Income Tax Agency was reviewed with questions still not completely answered. At this time the Council agreed to table the matter until further information could be obtained.

The third reading of the ordinance to update the current ordinance to comply with new state rules was passed and will be submitted to R.I.T.A. prior to the Dec. 31, 2015 deadline. This does not change the rates currently in place or the payment methods used.

The village of Quincy was notified by the Logan County Board of Election that voting for the village residents will now be at the Riverside School. Details will be available at the Logan County Board of Elections.

The resignation of the Quincy Zoning Officer Richard P. Smith was accepted with regret. Smith cited changes to the PERS

retirement system made the resignation necessary.

The Neighborhood Watch program is up an running again. The first meeting was held with Joe Freyhoff the Logan County Neighborhood Watch Director present for the meeting. Freyhoff informed around a dozen participants the function and rules of the program.

The roof on the Quincy-Miami Township Fire and Rescue building is complete and samples of the new type of roofing were presented for review.

Several cut outs of asphalt will be replaced in the village. Places where water breaks left asphalt spots needing covered. H & S Asphalt will repave these areas at a cost of $6,500.

The Ohio EPA has requested the village review surface water infiltration into sanitary sewer system. Repairs need to be made to areas allowing this infiltration to stop the surface water from going to the Joint Sewer Plant. Poggemeyer Engineering has completed a study pin pointing areas of concern. The study was completed and areas of Miami Street and Liberty Street are the first areas needing attention.

It was reported that well No. 1 has stopped producing enough water to supply the village with enough water when pumps are turned on. Well No. 3 produces water but not ample. Well No. 2 is producing enough water.

However if problems occur in well No. 2 there is concern with the other two wells producing ample supply. The village will determine what needs to be done to bring all wells into full production and the costs involved.

Work on flooding issues when there are heavy rains is being investigated.

The next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 20, 2015, at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers.

Staff report

Minutes submitted by Sandra Ward, fiscal officer for the village of Quincy.

Minutes submitted by Sandra Ward, fiscal officer for the village of Quincy.