Out of the past

125 Years

November 22, 1892

If the swing bridge is installed on Miami avenue, it will add another street – Lake street – and a large tract of land to the city’s territory. Lake street is destined to run from the canal bridge to the Dingman pike. It will be 10 or 12 squares long. S.W. Maxwell has granted a 50-foot right-of-way and the 30 acres in the Maxwell plat will be laid out in town lots. There is no bridge at the river, “but all things come to him who waits.”


In determining to close the market at the hours named in the ordinance, the market master, in the opinion of many who sell in the market, has acted wisely. These people believe that a great many persons put off buying until sometime the next day, if possible, but if they understand a purchase must be made by a certain hour they will do it.

100 Years

November 22, 1917

At the meeting of city council last night that body took action raising the salaries of the members of the fire department and police department $5 per month. Under the ordinance the annual salary of the chiefs of the departments will be $1,080, and that of the firemen and policemen, $900. The question of combining the office of street commissioner with that of the service director and raising the salary of the latter was discussed and referred to the committee.


Total subscriptions for the Y.M.C.A. stood just under the quota of $15,000 today. Areas of the county outside of Sidney and Clinton township reported $5,717. This is over quota. In Sidney and Shelby county the total is $9,000, which is $1,000 short of the quota fixed.


Word from London today indicates that the Hindenburg Line has been broken, and British troops have advanced as much as five miles along a broad front.

75 Years

November 22, 1942

An army plane crashed at noon today on the Juel Magoto farm, 3½ miles northwest of Versailles, killing all occupants aboard, as the plan burst into flames after the crash. Flight records indicate that there were at least three men aboard the ill-fated craft, although the intense heat made it impossible to make a thorough check.


The regional office of the national housing agency in Cleveland said today that 100 temporary family dwelling units will be built in Sidney by the Federal public authority as soon as a site can be selected. Building contracts will be awarded Dec. 7, but the NHA stated that the building site would be selected by Nov. 25.


Examinations for driver’s licenses will be conducted in Sidney each Tuesday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the state highway garage northwest of the city. This schedule was announced today by State Examiner Kohlhorst, of Celina, who will be in charge.

50 Years

November 22, 1967

Construction work on the 7½-mile State Route 47 project between Hardin and State Route 66 at Newport now is complete with exception of some berm work, intersecting road approaches and installation of guardrails. A formal date for opening of the road is expected soon. Persons living along the road now are able to use it in both directions.


The City of Sidney has an official flag today as a result of action taken by city council at its regular meeting Monday evening. In a formal resolution adopted during the session, councilmen accepted the design submitted by Airman Second Class Douglas Pottorf, now located at Duluth Air Force Base, Duluth, Minn. The flag, which follows the general form of the state of Ohio flag, has a background of blue, with a large ring at the left. Outside the ring the words “Sidney” and “Ohio” appear in white, outlined in black. The outer ring, containing 17 stars, will be white, while the inner ring will be red. A dental specialist, he is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pottorf, R.R. 3, Sidney. He graduated from Sidney High School in 1964.


Nine members, their wives and children attended the first social meeting of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy Mounted Patrol on Monday night. Sheriff Robert Burns was a guest for the covered dish supper in the First National Bank social rooms. In attendance were the Jack Ike, Marcus Hagelberger, James Snyder, Joe DeWeeese, Joe Pequignot, Junior Baker, Wayne Foster, Emerson Metz and Harold DeVelvis families.

25 Years

November 22, 1992

Wilson Memorial Hospital has a new public relations director. Her name is Mary Gagnet. The announcement was made by CEO John Mirabito. Mary last worked for the Tipp City government and is looking forward to her opportunities in Sidney.


Sidney now has its first health food store. It is called “Nature’s Cornucopia.” The owner is Bev Bricker. The business is located at 209 N. Ohio. She compared herself to a standard grocery store, saying, “We sell the same food without the sprays.” Mrs. Bricker related she used to suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. She indicated she can work “all day now.”


These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org