ZBA OKs two permits, tables third

By Sheryl Roadcap - sroadcap@sidneydailynews.com

SIDNEY — The Sidney Zoning Board of Appeals approved two conditional use permits but tabled a third one during Thursday’s meeting.

The board granted the request of Industrial Recyclers for outdoor storage at 2640 Campbell Road in the general industrial district. The business’s request had been tabled during the December meeting until Industrial Recyclers could provide requested information about potential, residual runoff from the metal scraps to be stored outside.

Community Development Director Barbara Dulworth said, after speaking with an Environmental Protections Agency expert, the applicant proposed covering all metal scrap stored outside with a waterproof tarp. She said that while the metal scraps are largely uncoated, the tarp will prevent stormwater from running over and through the metal and from picking up any contaminants.

The request was granted with the following conditions:

• A variance is necessary to allow for outdoor storage to be located in the side yard, as there is no rear yard on the business’s lot.

• A visual and mechanical barrier is required if the property is adjacent to an office or residence. However, the applicant is not proposing to erect a fence because the property is not adjacent to an office or residential district.

• An “all-weather, hard surface” for the storage area is required. The proposed storage area is a concrete surface, and if it is not in good condition, it must be repaired or replaced.

The variance was granted with the following conditions:

• Materials in the storage area may not be stacked higher than 20 feet;

• The paved outdoor storage surface area must be maintained and in good condition;

• All metal scraps must be covered, top and sides, with a water-proof covering;

• Storage may not extend beyond the bounds of the identified area.

Two conditional use permits were requested by Ivex Protective Packaging for outdoor storage at two locations of the business within the general industrial district; one was approved and one was tabled.

The first request at 2600 Campbell Road was tabled because it did not meet certain conditions of the city’s zoning code. At this location, the business requested storage to be located in the front yard. The zoning code requires for outdoor storage to be in the rear yard.

Dulworth said city staff supports granting a variance in some cases for outdoor storage in a side yard, but cannot support allowing storage in the front yard. In a case like this, where the only available space is in the front yard, Dulworth said, city staff recommends denying the permit and requiring storage to be within an enclosed building.

Ivex Protective Packaging General Manager Robert Hooper told the board he agreed it would be “a little bit of an eyesore,” and proposed to build a barrier 25 feet off of the building to store the wire cages behind it.

When Tom Elher, vice chairman/acting chairperson, asked Dulworth if Hooper’s proposal would be acceptable according to the zoning code, she said it would not because it would still be considered outdoor storage and not within an enclosed building. Dulworth said if the business built a lean-to shed for storage rather than a fence, it would be acceptable. If Ivex built a lean-to, they would not need to return to the zoning board because it would simply be an administrative matter, Dulworth said.

Outdoor storage at 456-464 S. Stolle Ave. was granted as a revised conditional use permit. The revised permit increased the storage area by moving it to a more appropriate location from the area requested in the application.

Dulworth said storage, especially of something very flammable, such as wooden pallets, directly adjacent to the building (as was the originally requested location), is generally not recommended by the fire department. City staff recommended not approving the requested storage location but allowing storage in a different, available and larger storage area on the property.

By Sheryl Roadcap


Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.