October real estate transfers


SIDNEY – The following are all of the real estate transfers that took place in Shelby County during October. Listed is who sold the property to who, the street the property is located on, the lot number on that street (if available), and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Office website http://cama.shelbycountyauditors.com/cama/.


Kevin and Robin Berner to Billing Properties LLC, Main Street, Lot 18, $30,000

John and Teresa Aselage to Mark and Joshua Heitman, West Walnut Street, Lot 89, $46,000


David and Jack Barhorst to Kyle Meyer, North Main Street, Lot 474, $92,000

Nathan Steinke to Melanie Thorpe, West State Street, Lot 11, $92,000

Fort Loramie

Jason Wyatt to James Meyer, Miami Street, Lot 239, $279,275

Ruth Barlage to Josh and Amy Westerheide, Lot 591, $34,000

Jackson Center

Guy Stevens to Ashley Folkert, Leo Street, Lot 26, $102,000

Julia Lee to Deborah Harmsen, James Street, Lot 20, $88,000

C & M Properties Inc. to Ryan and Ashley Osysko, Hudson Drive, Lot 408 and 409, $31,000

Bonnie Morris to David Poppe, College Street-two lots, North Ohio Street-two lots, $150,000

Lucas and Kristen Davis to Guy Stevens and Danielle Bunke, Hudson Drive, Lot 391, $178,000

Port Jefferson

Thomas Echemann to Reina Jamdung, Main Street, Lot 27, $40,000


M & T Rentals of Ohio LLC to Guy and Carol Bowser, Park Street, Lot 3570, $85,000

WAG #1 LTD to David Brisker, Piper Street, Lot 1577, $14,000

Eric Karn to Shui Mui Chong, South Miami Avenue, Lot OL 59, $18,000

Christopher and Tina Platfoot to Eric and Jill Clinton, East Parkwood Street, Lot 4204, $137,900

James Bray to Robert and Kimberly Collins, Maple Leaf Court, Lot 5604, $177,800

WAG #1 LTD to Michael Doctor, Grove Street, Lot 778, $2,000

Polly Cottrel to ES & EM Rentals II LLC, Pomeroy Avenue, Lot 588, $28,000

Timothy Sheppard to Logan and Lola Fair, Maple Leaf Court, Lot 5596, $192,500

WAG #1 LTD to Todd Francis, North Main Avenue, Lot OL 23, and Grove Street, Lot 780, $25,000

Ett Investments Inc. to Gerald and Kathy Frazier, Winter Ridge Drive, Lot 7129, $181,500

Nicole Kelly to Timothy Hamilton, West Pinehurst Street, Lot 127 and 128, $113,500

Joyce Thoma and Mark Shipman to Mary Harter, Lynn Street, Lot 1248, $43,900

Howard Fiebiger to David and Regina Heinfeld, Morris Avenue, Lot 4375, $75,000

Sanchez and Mindy McCutchins to Martina Henke, Hancock Street, Lot 4308, $83,500

James and Deborah Sullenberger to Mitchel Hoying, Driftwood Trail, Lot 5425, $297,000

Amy Hoffman to Kathryn Koch, Stewart Drive, Lot 23, $76,000

OPRS Communities to Dale and Donna Mays, Bel Air Drive, Lot 3088, $76,000

Troy and Elaine Watkins to Benjamen Mullins, Marilyn Drive, Lot 3723, $90,000

Thomas Thompson to James and Rose Piatt, Beck Drive, Lot 3238, $176,900

Margene Bennett to Marianna Roth, Westwood Drive, Lot 5857, $85,000

S & S Car Wash to S & D Wash LLC, Vandemark Road, Lot 5885, $367,500

James Ellis to Justin Schondelmyer, Chestnut Avenue, Lot 1349, $105,500

Rebecca Ervin to Daniel and Jenny Schulze, Hall Avenue, Lot 36, $104,000

Doris Eggleston to Gabriel Sherrill, Charles Avenue, Lot 3431, $108,500

Amber Bucio to Zachary and Whitney Small, North Broadway Avenue, Lot 1, $173,000

Tina Vanhook, Evergreen Drive, Lot 3184, $92,000

Shreves Contruction to Judith Wells, Sherwood Court, Lot 7026, $250,000

Michael McClain to Daniel and Mary Ann Wood, Summer Field Trail, Lot 6948, $300,000

Cynthian Township

Susan Nelson to James and Kristina Jacobs, Newport Road, Lot 83, $134,800

Timothy Brown to Cory McGuire, state Route 47, Lot 247, $127,900

Larry and Patricia Phlipot to Marlene Smith, Cardo Road, $130,000

Dinsmore Township

Robert Zimpfer to Ivan and Phyllis Zorn, North Walnut Street, grain elevators, $4,400

Franklin Township

Barry and Rhonda Gill to Gordon and Nicki Miller, Circle Drive, Lot 34, $164,000

Green Township

Kevin Leckey to Dustin Oates and Mindy Hughes, Maloney Road, cash – grain or general farm, $118,500

Shelly Bair to David Pence, Wiles Road, $137,500

McLean Township

Nathan Brown to Mitchell Boerger and Allison Bensman, Lee Drive, Lot 14, $88,000

John and Karen Brandewie to Jared Brandewie, Brandewie Drive, $100,000

Orange Township

Mitchel Hoying to Mark and Tara Dohner, Charm Hill Drive, Lot 110, $224,500

Perry Township

Richard and Charlene Kirtley to Toni Cathcart, Tawawa-Maplewood Road, $62,400

Christopher Haplin to Chance Kaczmarek, Johnston Road, Lot 7, $99,900

Alan and Linda Russell to Bruce and Shirley Runkle, state Route 29, $80,000

Salem Township

Michael and Laura Kline to Mark Opperman and Andrea Opperman, Ailes Road, $36,000

Turtle Creek Township

Michael and Angela Buchanan to Michael and Khrista Bowman, North Kuther Road, $177,000

Raymond Young to David Pingleton, Patterson-Haplin Road, $164,900

Van Buren Township

Ryan Axe to Nathan Counts, Renee Drive, Lot 215, $158,000

Gerald and Kathy Frazier to Scott and Amber Schloss, Meranda Road, Lot 254, $234,900


Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman