Keep back-to-school stress-free with Ohio eggs

COLUMBUS – Summer is coming to an end and Ohio families will soon be sending their students back to school. To help families settle into the routine of busy mornings and after-school activities, the Ohio Poultry Association (OPA) is sharing stress-free kid-friendly recipes, starring the incredible egg.

“As Ohio families send their kids back to school, it’s important to give them the best possible start to their day,” said Jim Chakeres, OPA executive vice president. “There’s no better way to send students off than with a nutritious and high-protein breakfast, including eggs, which will help them stay focused and feeling full longer.”

Egg-sperts have found that eggs are loaded with beneficial vitamins and minerals, like choline, which help students remain focused in class, encourage brain development, and improve memory and learning ability. One large egg contains between 130 and 150 mg of choline, which is about half of a child’s recommended daily intake.

Additionally, eggs contain six grams of high-quality protein, leaving students feeling full until lunch and energized to take on the school day. One large egg contains 13 essential nutrients at only 70 calories each, making them a healthy, nutrient-dense option for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Running late? No need to miss breakfast. Whip these delicious egg recipes up in less than 15 minutes:

• Spice things up with a Microwave Coffee Cup Scramble. Add peppers, cheese and tomato to a favorite mug for a hearty morning meal!

• Packed with protein and flavor, an Egg & Cheese Waffle Sandwich is a no-brainer for early mornings! Kick them up a notch by adding ham, bacon or sausage to the mix.

• Give students the energy and focus they need to conquer the school day with a Microwave Egg & Cheese Burrito!

• Pizza for breakfast? Let the kids customize protein-packed Breakfast Pizza Bagels with their favorite toppings.

• Sometimes it’s okay to play with food! Students will love using their favorite cookie cutters to make Egg, Sausage & Cheese Breakfast Puzzle Sandwiches before school.

Ohio is one of the leading egg-farming states in the U.S., producing more than 9.5 billion eggs each year, with a value of $411.9 million. Ohio egg farmers make egg safety a top priority and are proud to provide families across the state with high-quality, wholesome eggs.

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