Deadline approaching to submit Production for Market Facilitation Program

SIDNEY – The final date to report production or livestock inventory for the Market Facilitation Program is May 1.

Producers will have one opportunity per MFP commodity to self-certify production on the CCC-910, Part C.

Producers requesting an MFP payment may certify to their actual production without providing production evidence; however, if selected for spot-check, the producer must provide acceptable forms of production evidence.

Producers are encouraged to make an appointment with the Shelby FSA County office to self-certify their 2018 production for the Market Facilitation Program by May 1.

The United States Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency announced limited enrollment into the MPP-Dairy program to assist producers who were dairy farming for part of 2018 but stopped commercially marketing milk before or during the 2018 re-enrollment that was conducted from April 9, 2018 through June 22, 2018.

Relief also is available to producers who have been approved for a succession-in-interest transfer that occurred before or during the 2018 re-enrollment but the predecessor did not sign up for 2018 coverage.

Dairy operations can only sign up for the months they were marketing milk in 2018. Therefore, premiums for buy-up coverage will be adjusted accordingly.

The limited MPP-Dairy re-enrollment signup period is available through May 10. Interested eligible producers must visit the county office to enroll and will need a copy of the final month milk check statement to verify the last day and month the dairy operation commercially marketed milk.