American Dairy Association Mideast launches new website

Staff report

COLUMBUS – The American Dairy Association Mideast (ADA Mideast), which represents Ohio and West Virginia dairy farmers, recently launched a new website – – to answer consumers’ questions about all things related to milk and dairy foods. On the site, consumers can meet Ohio and West Virginia dairy farmers, learn about cow care and milk safety, get delicious recipe ideas, and understand more about the health benefits of dairy foods.

“Milk and dairy foods play a critical role in a nutrient-rich diet, and Ohio and West Virginia dairy farmers have a great story to tell,” said Scott Higgins, president and CEO of ADA Mideast. “As more and more consumers become generations removed from the farm, we understand the importance of telling that story and showing individuals where their food comes from and the farmers who provide wholesome, nutritious milk and dairy foods.”

The new features more robust content categorized in four easy-to-navigate sections focusing on farms, foods, health and schools.


Ohio and West Virginia dairy farmers raise more than 275,000 dairy cows on more than 2,700 dairy farms. In an average year, Ohio and West Virginia dairy cows produce approximately 5.5 billion pounds, or about 645 million gallons, of milk.

On the site, consumers can virtually “meet” real Ohio and West Virginia dairy farm families through farmer profiles and more than 60 videos to learn what it means to be a dairy farmer, how they care for their animals and the environment, and what it takes to produce safe, nutritious milk and dairy foods. Consumers can also get answers to common questions about dairy farming.


In the foods section, site visitors can browse delicious dairy recipes, get cooking tips and learn how milk is produced from farm to fridge. Consumers can also view videos and animations and download tools to learn more about the number of precautions Ohio and West Virginia dairy farmers take to ensure milk is of the safest and highest quality.


Dairy plays a powerful role in the overall health and wellness for people of all ages. Consumers can access science-based nutrition information, discover dairy’s many health benefits, and find answers to common questions about milk safety and nutrition and health, including “What’s the difference between organic and regular milk” and “Are there antibiotics in my milk.”


Schools are an ideal place for children to learn about good nutrition and healthy eating habits. ADA Mideast provides tools for parents, students, educators and administrators to help enhance or expand opportunities for students to make healthy choices. Tools and resources include fact sheets, videos and related articles.

“We encourage consumers to visit our new website and virtually meet Ohio and West Virginia dairy farm families and learn more about their commitment to producing the highest quality and safest milk and the many health benefits dairy foods provide,” Higgins said.

For more information on Ohio and West Virginia dairy farming and for recipes and health benefits, visit

Staff report