Junior Fair results — Clothing

Sew Fun-Junior

Outstanding of the Day: Marlan Frey

Honorable Mention: Cora Holthaus

Staite Fair Qualifier: Marlan Frey

State Fair Alternate: Cora Holthaus

Best of Construction: Cora Holthaus

Sew Fun-Senior

Outstanding of the Day: Brooke Voress

Staite Fair Qualifier: Brooke Voress

Terrific Tops

Outstanding of the Day: Kale Wiley

Staite Fair Qualifier: Kale Wiley

Best of Construction: Kale Wiley

Sundresses and Jumpers

Outstanding of the Day: Gianna Poling

Honorable Mention: Emma Poeppleman

Staite Fair Qualifier: Gianna Poling

State Fair Alternate: Emma Poeppleman

Best of Construction: Gianna Poling

Clothes for Middle School

Outstanding of the Day: Gwendolyn Schneible

Staite Fair Qualifier: Gwendolyn Schneible

Best of Construction: Gwendolyn Schneible

Ready, Set, Sew Active!

Outstanding of the Day: Brianna Fitzgerald

Staite Fair Qualifier: Brianna Fitzgerald

Best of Construction: Brianna Fitzgerald


Outstanding of the Day: Rayna Huddleston

Staite Fair Qualifier: Rayna Huddleston


Outstanding of the Day: Vanessa Fitzgerald

Honorable Mention: Emma Micheal

Staite Fair Qualifier: Vanessa Fitzgerald

Outerwear for Anywhere

Outstanding of the Day: Marie Ballas

Staite Fair Qualifier: Marie Ballas

Best of Construction: Marie Ballas

Shopping Savvy-Junior

Honorable Mention: Ruth Carity

Shopping Savvy-Senior

Outstanding of the Day: Eliza Gariety

Honorable Mention: Emma Dapore

Staite Fair Qualifier: Eliza Gariety

State Fair Alternate: Emma Dapore

Look Great for Less-Junior

Outstanding of the Day: Sophia Werner

Designed By Me

Honorable Mention: Britain Frilling

Sew for Other

Outstanding of the Day: Ella Boerger

Staite Fair Qualifier: Ella Boerger

Best of Construction: Ella Boerger

Overall Best of Construction Winner Marie Ballas