Adventurers 4-H Club holds meeting

SIDNEY — The Adventurers 4-H Club is off to a great start! Their officers for this year are: President Maria Wiseman; Vice President Stella Finkenbine; Secretary Mara Flood; Treasurer Sophia Flood; News Reporter Mariana Reese; Health and Safety Clare Schmiesing; and Historian/Photographer Elizabeth Jock.

Demonstrations have been given by Jacob Schmiesing, How to throw a Frisbee; Clare Schmiesing, How to make tissue paper flowers; Max Schmiesing, How to tie a bow tie; Abe Schmiesing, Playing the guitar; Maggie Schmiesing, Toasting bread; Jude Schmiesing, Riding a ripstick; Tim Schmiesing, Kicking a soccer ball; Stella Finkenbine, How she made a superhero mask; Sophia Flood, How to take a good picture; Mara Flood, How to make a home made collage card; and Adam Flood, Lego set building.

A health and safety report was given by Clare Schmiesing on dog safety. The Adventurers have decided to take canned foods to the soup kitchen for their community service project.

Their next meeting will be June 7, 2016.