Iconic rides return to fair

SIDNEY — The Shelby County Fair’s midway will feature two iconic rides this year that have not been part of the Shelby County fair for a number of years.

Michel’s Enterprise Inc., who supplies the rides, will install a regular Ferris wheel and a merry-go-round along with 15 other rides guaranteed to give fair-goers thrills, chills and plain old good times.

“Trying to find good quality ride companies is hard,” said Fair Director Jerry Schaffner. He noted that at trade shows, there are fewer than a third the number of providers who used to attend when Schaffner started booking them 33 years ago.

“People just don’t want to get into the business, I guess,” he said. That’s why he’s pleased that Michael’s Enterprise will return this year. The company’s rides always pass inspections and are safely run and maintained, he said.

The rides are coming to Sidney from Kentucky and won’t be open until 4 p.m., Sunday, of fair week. They will open at 4 p.m., Monday, too, so that the operators can get some rest after their journey north and their installation of the equipment.

“We want to make it safe for everyone,” Schaffner said. Tuesday through Saturday, rides will open at 1 p.m.

Schaffner didn’t know what all the rides would be when he spoke with the Sidney Daily News early in July, but he did say that the following rides would be at the fair: Scat, Cliff Hanger, Musik Express, Vertigo, Slide, Superman, Monkey Maze, Sizzler, Loop-O-Plane and Screamer.

Wristbands that sell for $7 and include admission to the fair and free rides are available for purchase at First National Bank of New Bremen, AAA, Amos Memorial Library, Farmers Elevator, Ron & Nita’s, Pioneer Electric Co-op, Clancy’s, Sidney Tire, Best One tire, First Call Auto Parts NAPA and all area branches of US Bank. The bands are good on Wednesday or Saturday of Fair week.

Bands can also be purchased at Sidney Tire and Best One Tire for use on Friday.