Shelby County Junior Fair results


Food & Nutrition


Let’s Start Cooking

State Fair Qualifier: Addison Blindauer

State Fair Alternate: Courtney Dulaney

Honorable Mention: Courtney DuLaney

Claudia Hoehne

Sports Nutrition 1: On Your Mark!

State Fair Qualifier: Brianna Brewer

State Fair Alternate: Brianna Fitzgerald

Honorable Mention: Thomas Haverfield

Snack Attack!

State Fair Qualifier: Richard Bertke

State Fair Alternate: Collin Lessing

Best of Class: Abby Wrasman

Honorable Mention: Lily York

Fast Break for Breakfast

State Fair Qualifier: Riley Barhorst

State Fair Alernate: Avery Jackson

Honorable Mention: Avery Jackson


Let’s Bake Quick Breads

State Fair Qualifier: Claire Henman

State Fair Alternate: Ellie Henman

Honorable Mention Junior: Ellie Henman

Sports Nutrition 2: Get Set

State Fair Qualifier: Anna Meyer

Honorable Mention: Ella Hoehne

Grill Master

Senior State Fair Qualifier: Ashlee Hess

Junior State Fair Qualifier: Evan Luthman

Junior State Fair Alternate: Thomas Ballas

Honorable Mention: Ashlee Hess

Star Spangled Foods

Senior State Fair Qualifier: Maddie McEldowney

Junior State Fair Qualifier: Darcy Maxon

Junior State Fair Alternate: Mallory Lessing

Party Planner

Senior State Fair Qualifier: Maddie McEldowney

Junior State Fair Qualifier: Sunni Voisard

Junior State Fair Alternate: Makena Hoying

Dashboard Dining

State Fair Qualifier: Maddison Lessing


You’re the Chef

State Fair Qualifier: Riley Jackson

State Fair Alternate: Jessica Colby

Nutrition Awards

Richard Bertke

Emma Gerdes

Riley Jackson

Dorothy Duncan Award

Beginner: Riley Barhorst

Intermediate: Claire Henman

Advanced: Riley Jackson

Johnson Chef Award

Beginner: Thomas Haverfield

Intermediate: Maryssa Smith

Advanced: Jessica Colby