Harvest season is upon us

By Jason Bruns - SWCD news

Harvest season is well upon us. A good percentage of crop fields have already been harvested, and many fields of next year’s wheat are already greening up the landscape. For those reading that are farmers, I encourage you to think about soil sampling as your crops come off. Good nutrient management for next year’s crop starts now.

Speaking of nutrient management, we are pleased to announce that we are partnering once again with Darke Soil and Water Conservation District, Ohio State University and Wright State University to conduct another workshop series centered on sound nutrient management. The series which is 12 hours divided over three evenings and a daytime session and tour at Brookside Laboratories, begins with the very basics of soil testing and nutrient management and culminates in the participants developing their very own nutrient management plan for a field they have soil tested as a part of the series.

All nutrient management series participants are provided with a binder full of speaker presentations and resource materials needed to produce their own plans in the future. Participants are also provided with a light meal and flash drive of electronic copies. Participants are charged $25 for their participation in the course.

Forestry Field Day 2017 will be held Oct. 22, 2017, at the Ryan and Erika Kemper Farm located at 6620 Patterson-Halpin Rd., Sidney, Ohio. Many family oriented activities such as saw mill demonstrations, hiking, crafts, a woodland soils display, and an archery trailer will be available. Hot dogs, apples and beverages will be available while supplies last.

Shelby Soil and Water Conservation District is once again an official collection site for the second year of the statewide pod collection effort supporting the Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative. To collect the seed pods from a milkweed plant it is best to pick them when they are dry, gray, or brown in color. If the center seam pops with gentle pressure, they can be picked.

Make sure that before you collect seed, you become familiar with the common milkweed to avoid harvesting pods from similar plants such as hemp dogbane and swamp milkweed. It is best to collect pods into paper bags or paper grocery sacks and put the date and county collected on the bag. Avoid using plastic bags because they attract moisture. Store seeds in a cool, dry area until you can deliver to Shelby SWCD at 822 Fair Road, Sidney.

As a final reminder, Shelby Soil and Water Conservation District is holding its annual fish fingerling sale. Orders must be returned to the office no later than noon on Wednesday, October 18th.

For more information as well as brochures and registration for the subjects listed above, see our website at www.shelbyswcd.org or call 937-492-6520, ext 3.


By Jason Bruns

SWCD news

The writer is the district administrator for the Shelby Soil & Water Conservation District.

The writer is the district administrator for the Shelby Soil & Water Conservation District.