McDonald’s caters breakfast

By Kyle Arnold - Orlando Sentinel

ORLANDO, Fla. (McClatchy) — Orlando’s morning-meeting crowd has a new option for breakfast: catering from McDonald’s.

On Tuesday, the fast food giant started using Central Florida as a test ground for a breakfast catering service, going head-to-head against restaurants like Panera Bread.

“You would be surprised how many big orders we get for teachers’ breakfasts or meetings,” said Sue Martin, owner and operator of three McDonald’s restaurants in Volusia County. “This is just putting it into an easier package.”

Using Uber Eats for delivery, McDonald’s offers the entire breakfast menu in packages to serve six, 12 or 18 people. The entire breakfast menu is available all day through the program with items such as McMuffins, sausage biscuits, pancakes, burritos and parfaits.

It is available at all 195 Central Florida restaurants but only during breakfast service hours. Orders can be placed via the Uber Eats app or with the McDelivery app. Deliveries will have the standard Uber Eats fees, usually about $3.50 per order.

Customers can also make the order from the restaurant or call in and pick up orders at the restaurant.

McDonald’s has used the Orlando market in the past to try out other concepts, such as fresh beef Quarter Pounders and “signature crafted sandwiches and burgers.”

Other restaurant chains, such as Olive Garden, have forayed into larger catering orders, even when they have declined to do individual delivery. McDonald’s has done both.

McDonald’s boosted sales in 2015 when it started selling breakfast items all day. Then last year it partnered with third-party delivery service Uber Eats to take food to customers.

By Kyle Arnold

Orlando Sentinel