Local credit card debt 8th in state

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Shelby County ranks eighth among Ohio counties with the least per capita credit card debt, according to a study recently published by SmartAsset, an online financial technology company based in New York City.

“We calculated the ratio of credit card debt to per capita income for every county. This number can serve as insight into whether people will be able to pay off that debt,” the report says.

“We also calculated the ratio of credit card debt to net wealth per capita for each county. This measure provides a broader picture of an area’s financial stability. Lastly, we indexed each factor and calculated an overall index by taking a weighted average of each of these indices. The credit card to income index was given a weight of one and the credit card to net wealth index was given a weight of two,” according to the report.

Shelby County’s annual per capita income was listed as $27,330. The per capita wealth was $31,098. Credit card debt was $2,139 per person. Credit card debt was 7.8 percent of income and 6.9 percent of wealth, which resulted in a SmartAsset index of 90.46.

Auglaize County had the lowest credit card debt to income and wealth percentages in the state: 7.1 and 4.7, respectively. Per capita income in Auglaize County was listed in the study as $26,690 and wealth as $40,676. Per capital credit card debt was $1,906. The credit card debt index was 95.05.

Darke County ranked seventh with per capita income of $23,589; per capita wealth of $30,281; credit card debt of $1,918; debt as a percent of income at 8.1 percent; debt as a percent of wealth at 6.3 percent and an index rating of 90.57.

Full information is available at https://smartasset.com/credit-cards/credit-card-calculator#Ohio.